Nicheliving Market Update

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Nicheliving Holdings Ltd (ASX:NLH) (‘Nicheliving’ or the ‘Company’) advises that it has today lodged a
prospectus (the ‘Prospectus’) with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission inviting
investors to subscribe to new shares under an initial public offer of Nicheliving shares (‘Shares’). Read more
Every day you walk around your house promising to get rid of the clutter that is intruding on your living space. But where exactly do you start? Read more
​Home staging, or more affectionately known in Australia as “real estate styling”, is something you’ve probably been aware of for years without realising it. But just how useful is it? Read more
Recent years have seen more and more first homebuyers choosing to buy an investment property as their first home. So why are they doing it? What are the benefits of renting out rather than living in their first home? Read more
Winter is over and Spring is here! If you’re not too busy fighting off hay fever, you might want to take some time to dust off your shelves and prepare your home for the new season. Here are a few handy tips and tricks to spruce up your home without spending a heap!  Read more
​WA’s State Budget is generally being seen as positive for the real estate industry; not because of what it did, but mainly because of what it didn’t do.
  Read more
As Perth’s largest, most affordable new home and land developer, Nicheliving has always been a strong contender for the Urban Development Institute of Western Australia (UDIA) Awards for Excellence.  Read more
Here at Nicheliving, we follow strict sets of rules and guidelines to not only help us pick development sites, but to also determine designs for our new home and land packages and apartments.  Read more
What does the rise of the electric car have to do with the value of your home? You might be surprised to find out… Read more
From the way we buy books to the way we hail a cab and do our weekly shopping, technology has altered pretty much everything in our lives…  Read more
It’s no surprise that food can unite an entire community and affect not only its people, but also the value of its property and the health of its businesses. Read more
In Europe and the USA they’ve been doing it for decades, and now dual-key properties are starting to gain traction in Australia among owner occupiers and investors. Why? Because they can deliver affordability, convenience and an additional source of income. Read more
Displaying results 1-12 (of 398)
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