Nicheliving Market Update

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​It’s no secret Perth is a go-to destination for Asian property investors.  Read more
Perth is on the rise, yes? Modernising, improving, futurising. Just look at Elizabeth Quay, with that loopy sculpture that has suddenly photobombed every selfie on Instagram. Refurbished airport terminals, chic sports stadiums… that’s all very nice - but what about the arts? Read more
Observing obscenely expensive houses disappearing from the market is a truly bizarre phenomenon. We sit and we read and we shake our heads in disbelief at the sums some people are willing to part with in order to live in fleeting luxury.  Read more
The announcement that WA’s state government plans a $520m rail project between Thornlie and Cockburn isn’t just good news for eco-minded commuters. Read more
2017 is set to be a cracker of a year for Perth’s housing market. From low interest rates to affordable house prices, everything is in place to help buyers get into their next home or investment property.  Read more
How long have you been renting now? What, seriously? Well, here’s some good news: you might be a lot better off than you think in Western Australia.  Read more
Resolution evolution: why it’s time to tick off your New Year property goals now!  Read more
Believe it or not, there’s a home in the south of England that’s built almost entirely out of waste products.  Read more
The New Year has brought some good news for people looking to buy their first home.  Read more
As Perth’s largest affordable new home and land developer, Nicheliving has decided to step up its game for 2017 to show some support for a local, Western Australian team.  Read more
The Australian Dream is alive and well for many West Australians. Read more
With the ongoing doom and gloom messages from politicians, commentators and property experts, it’s easy to believe that very few younger buyers are investing in residential property.
  Read more
Displaying results 1-12 (of 347)
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