Nicheliving Market Update

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​Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but as the city of Perth gets bigger, block sizes in house and land packages are becoming smaller… and it’s all for the better! Read more
As a dynamic and multi-faceted property group, Nicheliving has always strived to find innovative ways to strengthen and expand the range of services offered by its unique, vertically integrated business model. Read more
Getting into your own home in Perth is really just the beginning of your journey as a homeowner. There’s always something new to aspire to… Read more
It’s a catch-22: you’re splashing out hundreds of dollars each week on rent, knowing that it’s money down the drain, and all the while you’re thinking you’ll never be able to afford a home of your own anyway…  Read more
Perth’s largest affordable new home and land developer is standing up for all WA home buyers with the launch of the Nicheliving Home Affordability Program. Read more

May has certainly been an eventful month for property on the back of changes announced by the State and Federal governments.

Read more
At the beginning of the year, the WA Government announced the First Home Owners Grant would be jacked up by $5,000. So how has this played out among Millennials? Read more
Tips on presenting your home for a smooth sale. Read more
There seems to be an app for everything these days: Instagram to share your filtered photos, Snapchat for your day to day musings, Tinder for that someone special… if only there was an app with a magical algorithm that could send the perfect tenant knocking! Read more
Building a new home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make.  Read more
Nicheliving is proud to announce the success of its renovation transformation project for Kim and Vaughn Tucci – mum and dad to the Perth quintuplets.  Read more
It’s an iconic image: the young couple, maybe with a baby, standing proudly next to the SOLD sign in their new front garden.  Read more
Displaying results 1-12 (of 360)
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