NicheQ is an award winning, progressive, and innovative Western Australian building company that uses advanced construction technology to produce and build architecturally designed homes.

NicheQ is a business unit within Nicheliving Construction, which is a member of the Nicheliving Group for property development.

NicheQ believes in creating sustainable communities in mining and regional areas. We believe, based on market research that more families will move to these areas to live permanently in the future. All of our houses are finished to the highest possible level. They are designed by leading interior designers, and include designer kitchens and well-finished bathrooms equipped with high standards of fixtures, fittings, and tiling.

The product is a modern day development of the SIPS method of construction initiated in the USA in 1928 and extensively used by many advanced nations around the world. It utilises new materials and advanced technology to create energy efficient homes (no less than 7 Star energy rated) with exceptional thermal insulation and sound attenuation characteristics.