Nicheliving Market Update

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We’re always being told when to buy and sell property, but does timing really matter?  Well, the property market does have a cycle in which prices rise, fall and stagnate, so yes, it’s important to know exactly when to buy, and how different phases in the cycle could affect your investments.  Read more
Why not surprise your friends and family with some quirky gifts this year for Christmas? Forget the generic gifts and get something they’ll never guess. Take a read of Nicheliving’s top 10 quirky and affordable gift ideas for Christmas this year.  Read more
Can’t decide between buying an established house and building your own? Well, certainly the current trend is to choose the latter, but ultimately it boils down to what you prefer, what your finances permit, and what your plans for the future might hold. Read more
​With all the latest foodie trends to hit WA, the classic Christmas ham and apple sauce followed by a creamy pavlova just isn’t cutting it anymore. We think it’s time to reinvent the Christmas lunch and we’re taking inspo from the foodies. Read more
While the Christmas decorating trend may be heading towards something a little more fancy, that doesn’t mean you have to splash out the cash to keep up. Here’s some tips on how to get this year’s festive look on a budget!  Read more
Remember when ANZ placed heavy restrictions on home loans in certain post codes surrounding the CBD? It didn’t mean a thing to Nicheliving, because we only develop in infill areas – suburbs that are within easy access of the CBD and major amenities, but avoid the hustle and bustle.  Read more
For 15 years, Nicheliving has been helping West Australians achieve The Australian Dream. We’ve had one simple vision: to create the most affordable developments in established suburbs where land is limited.
  Read more
Thanks to the rising demand in China, and billion-dollar mine expansions, iron ore is launching a comeback. At the same time, lithium has entered the scene, with WA contributing a third of the world’s supply for the creation of electric cars and batteries.  Read more
It’s edgy, it’s classic and it’s trending NOW. 
All over the globe, everyone is loving the industrial style. You’ve probably seen it in hipster bars and quirky cafes. Or in Netflix shows set in Brooklyn or Manhattan where the main characters live in those warehouse-like, loft apartments.  Read more
Getting home loans to buy apartments in inner city suburbs is becoming a tricky business. Banks like ANZ have tightened lending restrictions across Perth, including the suburbs of Belmont, East Perth, South Perth and the Perth CBD, which will make it more difficult for home buyers to purchase apartments there valued under AUD$3 million. Read more
With recent upturns in the mining industry, property markets and employment figures, the signs are that Western Australia is experiencing a revitalisation of fortune. You can quite literally see the concrete evidence of the state’s increasing prosperity in its program of infrastructure projects. Read more
Western Australia could well be on the cusp of another mining boom.
Whether it’s iron ore or natural gas, our state has made a name for itself as a provider of natural resources, and recent activities tell us that we can expect a surge in the industry’s growth in the near future.  Read more
Displaying results 1-12 (of 414)
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