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NicheQ is an award winning progressive and innovative builder using advanced construction technology to produce and build architecturally designed homes.

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NicheQ is an award winning progressiveand innovative builder using advancedconstruction technology to produce andbuild architecturally designed homes.

NicheQ believes in creating sustainable communitiesin mining and regional areas. We believe, based onmarket research that more families will move to theseareas to live permanently in the future. All our houses are finished to the highest possible level, designed by leading interior designers, including designer kitchens, well finished bathrooms equipped with high standards of fixtures, fittings and tiling.

The product is a modern day development of the SIPS method of construction initiated in the USAin 1928 and extensively used by many advanced nations around the World. Using new materials andadvanced technology helped to create an energy efficient home (no less than 7 Star energy rated) with exceptional thermal insulation and sound attenuation characteristics.

Our system is neither modular nor transportable. Each and every house is designed by Fred Zuideveld, one of Perth’s leading architects, with full flexibility to create a comfortable living space without being restricted by the rigidity and constraints of modules; and taking into consideration the house’s position on each lot and its orientation.

NicheQ’s system is fast to install, 9 weeks ready for occupancy for single storey houses and 13-15 weeks for two storey ones. All type of finishes and colours are available to suit individual tastes. The system is designed to withstand cyclonic conditions up to Region D. NicheQ always has materials instock for at least 20 houses ready to go to site for installation within one week.

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