2018 Interior Design Trends

2018 Interior Design Trends

2018 will see the arrival of some must-have design trends. Think bold, daring statements paired back with soft colour schemes, as well as the return of some much loved favourites. Here’s our top five style trends that will bring a fresh look to your home for the new year.

Pretty in pink 
Millennial pink was a huge hit in 2017 and the trend doesn’t look like it’s disappearing anytime soon.

2018 will see the continued use of this faded shade of pink, but as a highlight piece to complement, rather than as the centerpiece.

You can use the colour in pillows, throws or artwork and mix in other 2018 trends to update this much-loved look for the new year.


Green thumbs
Indoor plants are another trend that we’re glad to see sticking around. Not only do they add a splash of greenery, but they also offer a wealth of health benefits. From improving the air quality, to helping us de-stress, these lush beauties are a great addition for the home.

Our picks are mother-in-law’s tongue or chain of hearts, with the latter cascading beautifully in hanging pots.

These hardy plants aren’t too difficult to keep alive, either! Although, if you’re a serial plant killer, perhaps opt for some fake plants to achieve the look instead.


Natural beauty

Natural textures and tones will be a big hit in 2018. The trend will be best showcased in statement pieces, so invest in a strong, stylish centerpiece for your space. Play with earthy materials, natural stones or polished concrete and pair with lush indoor plants to complement the tones.


Ebony and Ivory 

The timeless combination of black and white offers an unmatched elegance that will make a big statement in 2018.

Achieve the look through decor items, throws or furniture choices.

For a bolder look, choose dark cabinetry in the kitchen or bathroom and contrast it with white bench tops.


New York, New York

You might have noticed industrial design has grown in popularity around Perth lately. If you’ve ducked into a new cafe, you’ve probably seen the exposed brick, wired lights and beams that look like a cool warehouse conversion straight out of Brooklyn.

The look is set to make a stronger move to Perth in 2018 with Nicheliving’s New York Industrial Collection.

Welcome to New York, Perth!