25 Things To Buy Before You Move Into Your New Home

Moving in? You’ll need our checklist. Trust us.

Moving can be stressful, and amidst the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget the little things.

When you build with Nicheliving, your home comes with all the fixtures and fittings – you can see exactly which ones here.

Before you know it, you’re settling in for your first night of sleep in your dream house, only to discover you’ve forgotten to buy bulbs for the bedsides lamps and there is no bedding in sight.

To prevent these little (but insanely annoying) things from happening, we have compiled a room by room checklist that you can walk through before moving into your humble new abode.


Canning Vale Bathroom

Nicheliving Canning Vale Bathroom

Basics in the bathroom.

This room requires a lot of attention, but it’ll be worth it when you step out of your first bubble bath or beautifully tiled new shower and actually find a towel waiting for you to wrap yourself in.

So, with that in mind…here are the items that you will be happy to have on hand:


Think tile cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner and some disinfectant wipes to start. Add in your favourite smelling candle to really make yourself feel at home.


Whether you’re a make-up queen or a one-cream-kinda-kid, you’ll be needing somewhere to store your stuff. Invest in some stand-alone shelves/units. If you build with Niche, we provide a floating vanity with soft close doors.

Bath towels

Obvious but important. Scenario covered above.


Mirror, on the wall. Besides proving that you’re the fairest of them all, a decent-sized one can give the impression of a bigger space and a more complete look. Niche helps you out with this one too!


Kreative in the kitchen.

Let’s be honest, with so many cooks – you’re gonna need some tools. When you build with Niche, your kitchen comes with a built-in oven, stovetop and range hood, so that while you get a feel for the area and decide on where your local will be, you can embrace cooking at home.

Make sure you tick off the following:


Plates, bowls, mugs and glasses.


Knives, forks, spoons (of course), but ALSO – spatulas, whisks, tin openers, graters.

**Because we’re adults, whatever you use, you’ll have to wash. Make sure you have dishwashing liquid and sponges on hand.


The basics are usually a fridge, microwave, toaster and a kettle. Coffee fiend? Go big and invest in a coffee maker. Smug about your smoothies? Blender it is.


No, these don’t just belong in your grandparent’s home.


Livin (room) la vida loca.

You’ll probably spend most of your time here. Soaking up the sun through the windows as you read the weekend paper or curling up with some popcorn and your favourite movie on the couch.

It’s worth investing in a comfy living space, so consider the these:


Make sure it’s all set up. Now is the time to find out what you need in the way of screens and sound equipment.


Privacy is important to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Niche has you covered, with roller blinds throughout in your new home.


Think about how you’d like to furnish the space, and what you want it to feel like. When you watch TV, is it in a comfy leather couch or a soft fuzzy armchair? Consider adding a rug of some sort, which will always bring warmth to a room, making it feel homely and lived in


Sadly the messy looked stopped being trendy when Marie Kondo came in. Invest in shelving or cabinets to make sure you have enough space for storage, and your essentials don’t detract from the style of the room.


Beauty in the bedroom.

This is your sanctuary. It belongs to you and only you, it’s the place for you to destress at the end of a long day. So make it yours!

Here’s how:


You’d be surprised how many people forget these. Clothes on the floor? No thanks. You can also think about purchasing some space saver bags, which are a great solution for storing your off-season clothes.


It’s all about the mood, so you’ll need a decent lighting situation. If you’ve selected dimmer lights, this is perfect. Otherwise, a beautiful bedside lamp will do the trick.


Touched on earlier, but let’s recap – pillows, mattress, duvets, blankets, and sheets are essential.

Fan and / or heater

Don’t dread those sweaty summer evenings and icy winter nights – be prepared to combat the weather!

With this list in hand, your move will be a breeze! And, if you need some more help, just give us a ring.

At Nicheliving, we’re experts in helping first-time buyers settle into their first home.