7 Reasons to Downsize

So, the time has come or you’re at least thinking about moving out of your current family home? Downsizing has more benefits than not, think less housework and more time spent on activities you love like golf or walking the dog. If you are on the fence about downsizing, here are our 7 reasons why you should choose to downsize when the time is right.

1. A fresh start


Every house has memories, some fonder than others and some you may wish to put in the past. Making the step to downsize and move out of your family home offers you a new lease on life, a new chapter, and a fresh start.

Your new home represents a new beginning without home burdens such as high council rate sand larger mortgage payments.

It can feel liberating to start a new life chapter, and it may inspire you to make other freeing decisions at this point in your life. Moving from a large home to a smaller home often gives people a new outlook on life.


Atwell Apartments Bedroom

2. Reduce upkeep


Living in a bigger home means more time spent on its upkeep, from cleaning, maintenance, outdoor home upkeep and the cost to run all of these can lead to a home that is stressful (especially if you have a pool!).

By downsizing, you’ll have less responsibility, smaller workload, improved cash flow and greater flexibility which all help reduce stress and in turn result in a better nights sleep.

3.Use fewer natural resources


In addition to having fewer maintenance requirements, downsizing means a smaller home which can be “greener” than living in a house, too. There’s no large lawn or garden you’re responsible for watering and you will notice a reduction in bills which means you’re using less resources.

Atwell Balcony

Atwell Kitchen

4. Meet new people


Typically, when downsizing, buyers tend to move into a home that has less yard which results in being close to your neighbours.

Although this may not appeal to some people, it’s a great opportunity to meet a new bunch of people and create a sense of community. Chances are, you will meet families in a similar position to you in terms of downsizing so you will already have something in common from the start.

5. Reduce your monthly bills


Downsizing to a smaller home offers lower monthly bills than a house. You’ll use less electricity, heat and water.  The best part? Some monthly bills may be eliminated altogether or at least covered under one easy, quarterly strata levy.

By downsizing and perhaps reducing or even eliminating your mortgage along with reducing maintenance and energy bills, it can often mean you have extra money in the bank that can be spent on you and enhance your lifestyle such as travelling or buying that car you always wanted.

Atwell apartment

Atwel apartments

6. More time


Less housework plus fewer bills to pay equals more time for you! With all of this in mind, this frees you up time for more fun, spending time with family, getting more rest and just enjoying your brand-new home. The best thing is, it’s all up to you to decide how to best use the extra hours you are given!

7. It’s a brand-new home


What’s not to love about a brand-new home? Especially when you build your downsizing dream with Nicheliving as you can choose your interior palette from our stunning style series range. Plus, why buy an older property which may have ongoing maintenance problems when you can buy a brand new one?

Not only will your new property be designed for modern-day living with brand new appliances, fittings and fixtures which comes with guarantees, but it will also be far more energy-efficient, reducing your power bills. Plus, there really is nothing better than settling into a new and luxurious home.

Downsizing soon? Whether you need help packing and moving or selling your current home, our team of specialists are here to help so get in contact today.

Photos from our past apartment development in Atweel. Take a tour below