Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to a strong resources sector, the WA economy is booming.

But these 'good times' are passing a lot of people by. For many Western Australians the unprecedented growth rates in real estate means home ownership just gets tougher and tougher. There is no doubt that buying a home is still beyond the reach of many people in WA.

Some experts say the Government should intervene, but at Nicheliving, we've developed a private sector solution that we believe offers unsurpassed affordability, quality and presentation... Nicheliving Communities.

Nicheliving is able to deliver quality housing at affordable prices by developing ‘infill’ areas. When creating the Nicheliving estates, we research and identify large parcels of unused land in popular established urban areas that have good growth potential and existing infrastructure. Nicheliving purchases the land at competitive prices and gains the necessary approvals from Councils to ‘infill’ and beautify the vacant blocks by creating residential estates that enhance the surrounds.

In addition to our ability to source economical land relatively close to the CBD, Nicheliving estates are designed more cost-efficiently than most other developments, allowing us to pass the savings onto purchasers.

Nicheliving does not compromise on quality, instead the medium density estates are configured to utilise the land to its full potential, with clever designs by award winning architects Zuideveld Marchant Hur employed to maximise living space. We remain mindful of the importance of privacy and public open space and these elements are factored into the design of each Nicheliving community.

Using the repetition of floor plans across Nicheliving developments, we are able to further maximise on savings, by standardising certain elements of Nicheliving homes. For example, internal kitchen layouts. Individuality of homes is maintained through a range of external designs and a wide choice of colour schemes and finishes.

As a developer of a high volume of projects, Nicheliving is also able to negotiate bulk discounts with suppliers and builders which also contribute to keeping costs to a minimum.

Quality is paramount at Nicheliving and all our estates are built to the highest standards.

The choice of architect, builder, planning and project management teams are essential to producing high quality developments and each Nicheliving home is built by a team of highly esteemed designers, builders and landscapers, including renowned architects Zuideveld Marchant Hur who specifically design every Nicheliving estate to maximise the living space of each block.

Quality fixtures, fittings and finishes are used throughout and interior designers create tasteful decors. Professional landscapers design attractive gardens and parks and mechanisms are in place to ensure the upkeep of Nicheliving aesthetics, ensuring your investment retains its value in years to come.

Locations for Nicheliving estates are selected based on their existing infrastructure and high growth potential.

All Nicheliving estates are ideally situated in established suburbs in Perth’s metropolitan area and are close to amenities such as shops, schools, hospitals, public transport, recreational and sporting facilities, major road networks and the CBD.

Currently Nicheliving estates are located at Armadale, Kelmscott, Langford, Ballajura, Beechboro, and Ferndale with additional Nicheliving sites to follow. The first Nicheliving estate is located at 4-10 Channon Street Bentley and is now complete.

Nicheliving homes are sold as complete house and land packages. They offer excellent value, starting well below the Perth median house price from just $299,000.

In addition, savings on stamp duty are applicable to all buyers of Nicheliving estates, with eligible first homebuyers paying no stamp duty on any of Nicheliving developments. First home buyers may also be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant.

When you purchase a Nicheliving house and land package you get added value. This includes a special flat rate of $590.00 when you settle your Nicheliving property through Vicki Philipoff Settlements.

The energy-efficient products in the Nicheliving estates also provide long-term cost savings to Nicheliving homeowners through reduced utility bills.

House and land packages stipulate that land must be bought with a building contract attached. The land cannot be purchased on its own, a house must be assigned to each block.

Developers and various authorities have strict control mechanisms in place to ensure homes are built within specified timeframes so no vacant parcels of land remain, therefore protecting the overall aesthetics and value of the developments.

Buying a house and land package also means stamp duty is applicable only on the value of the land, not on the house, saving purchasers thousands of dollars in stamp duty. *First homebuyers of Nicheliving are exempt from paying any stamp duty at all.

In addition to offering good value, Nicheliving house and land packages come with Council and building approvals already in place, meaning that construction can commence without delays.

As Nicheliving homes are pre-designed and Council approved this allows us to offer competitive prices starting from just $299,000, changes cannot be made to the structure of the homes. However, purchasers of Nicheliving homes can select from various colour schemes and finishes to individualise their homes.

The Nicheliving interiors are created by professional interior designers and Nicheliving exteriors are designed by award-winning architects Zuideveld Marchant Hur. This ensures that each Nicheliving community has its own style, personality and character.

Purchasers also have a choice of two specification packages: Niche Essential, complete with floor coverings, window fittings and window treatments, all the essentials you need or Niche Deluxe, an upgrade package containing optional extras.

The blocks of land in Nicheliving estates are coupled with specific houses. Purchasers of house and land packages cannot select which house they want on which block, the two are sold as a pre-determined "package".

So the first step to securing your Nicheliving home, is to select the house and land package that best suits your needs.

Step two: involves the signing of two contracts. One for the purchase of the land, and one with a nominated builder to cover the construction of the home.

Step three: House and land construction finance needs to be sourced.

Step four: Titles are issued for the lots and a settlement date is agreed upon for payment of the land. This takes approximately 45 days.

Step five: Construction generally commences within 3-4 weeks of the land settlement.

Step six: Progressive payments are made as the house is being built.

Progressive payments (may be subject to change):

Nicheliving house and land packages require progressive payments to be made at various stages of construction. These are determined as follows:

You can secure a Nicheliving property with as little as a $1000 deposit. This in turn forms part of your purchase price and is deducted from the total package price.

No, anyone can purchase a Nicheliving property - those wanting to reside in the Nicheliving community, such as first homebuyers, empty nesters and retirees, OR investors looking to sell or rent.

All Nicheliving estates are built in suburbs that have high growth potential making them perfect as investment properties, and there are strict mechanisms in place to ensure all Nicheliving estates retain their high level of presentation and re-sale value in years to come.

Subject to the approval of The Foreign Investment Review Board, foreign investors may also be eligible to purchase a Nicheliving property. For more information visit

Nicheliving homes are sold off-the-plan, but they are different to regular off-the-plan sales.

With regular off-the-plan sales (built strata), a deposit of usually 5-10% of the value of the property is paid up front, with the balance paid on completion of construction.

With Nicheliving off-the-plan sales, the land (survey strata) is purchased initially, and progressive payments are made at various stages of construction as the home is built. The benefit to buyers being that stamp duty is only payable on the land component of the property, not the total house and land value.

This saves purchasers of Nicheliving homes thousands of dollars in stamp duty. *First homebuyers of Nicheliving are exempt from paying any stamp duty at all.

Just like green-title home ownership, Nicheliving blocks of land are fully owned by purchasers. The only difference is that common areas in the estates, such as central roads, need to be maintained and this is done through a Strata Company, which consists of all the owners of the lots.

Nicheliving initially sets up the Strata structure and appoints an independent Strata manager to handle the day to day administration of the Strata Company for the lot owners, including maintenance of the Nicheliving community and general running of the Strata Company.

The Strata manager ensures that the overall aesthetics of the Nicheliving estates are maintained, via design guidelines and control mechanisms.

Strata fees do apply, but because Nicheliving estates are designed to be low maintenance, fees are kept to a minimum. Strata fees should not be considered as an additional overhead for purchasers. They cover insurance on the building exteriors and are comparable to the independent cost of up-keeping a green-title home Strata fees are an investment in your community, protecting the presentation of Nicheliving estates and retaining the future re-sale value of your property.

Minimal Strata fees apply to Nicheliving homes, as described in the above question, as well as normal Council and water rates which are applicable to any home ownership.

Nicheliving Construction is the group’s building arm and plays an important role in delivering quality buildings in a timely, efficient manner. It also executes civil works and building works for other developers and entities outside the group.

Nicheliving Construction coordinates the entire development process and is also the builder for all the communities’ houses, Nicheliving Eco properties and other projects. Using the best quality materials, tradespeople and industry practices and standards, Nicheliving Construction ensures that architecturally-designed quality homes are built within the shortest possible construction time.

With all approvals and design work for Nicheliving estates pre-arranged, on average it takes builders twelve months from the date of land settlement to construct a Nicheliving home. *This timeframe is subject to variation.

Two contracts are signed when buying a Nicheliving house and land package. One for the purchase of the land and one for the construction of the house.

If purchasers have any queries or problems with their house, please contact our Nicheliving Construction Client Liaison team who would be happy to assist on 08 9483 0088. Any issues regarding common areas in the Nicheliving estate are managed by the estate Strata Company.

If you are uncertain who you should contact for assistance, we can point you in the right direction.

Please contact us on 08 9483 0000.

Each Nicheliving estate has its own Strata Company that is responsible for managing all common areas including roads, public open space and gardens.

No catch. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just great value for money. Come and gain an appreciation for this innovative new housing concept by visiting the first Nicheliving estate in Bentley.