Are you looking to buy property in Perth? Before you do anything else, you need to stop… and chat to Nicheliving. Why? 

Because Nicheliving is Perth’s largest affordable new home and land developer. We develop the land AND build your home – all under one roof. 
That means we won’t be beaten on price in any of our locations.

We’re not like any other property group in Perth. With Nicheliving, you get to cut out the middle man, so you can deal direct and save. Because we actually want you to do well – not just sell you anything. 

We’ve already helped many West Aussies make good money buying and selling property with us. Now we want to do the same for you. Because if you do well, then you’ll tell others. It’s a win, win for all.
So, how do we help you do well? By using the Nicheliving formula.
First – we only develop in well-established areas where there’s not a lot of land left. There’s plenty of cheap land available far away from Perth, but it will take a very long time for you to make money in these areas. Our property experts look for up and coming hotspots, suburbs that we think will give you the best chance for growth in the future. These areas already have everything close by: Shops. Schools. Transport. Hospitals. Recreation. Everything you could ever need.
Second – all of our homes offer unbeatable value, because at Nicheliving, what you see is exactly what you’ll get. So you can move in your furniture right away. Everything that comes with our all-inclusive homes is already covered in the upfront price. You’ll know about every cost from day one so you can fit everything into your budget. There’s no tricks. No gimmicks. No surprises. There’s no point even looking anywhere else. You won’t find a better deal in any of our locations. 

Third – a Nicheliving home is a quality home. We don’t just let anyone design our developments. All of our homes are designed by award-winning architects and each one is customised to the shape and size of the land. There’s nothing standard about a Nicheliving home. This means we can make the most of your living space and make your home energy efficient, so you can keep saving even after your home is built.
Last of all – there’s very few other groups that offer everything you need all under one roof. What you may not know about Nicheliving is we’re not just a builder. We also own the land and offer property management, real estate and finance. We’re not just about house and land packages either – we also offer apartments. Our award-winning team can help with all of your property needs. Everything we do is designed to help you save money and make money in the future.
If you’re serious about buying property in Perth, make sure you come in and have a chat with us to find out why you’re better off with Nicheliving
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