A Nicheliving Home is a Quality Home


Regardless of whether you’re a home buyer or an investor, one of the most important things you’ll be looking for in a Perth house and land package is build quality. You’ll want quality you can see and feel that will last through time and endure the elements. 

That’s why you’re better off with Nicheliving; we create homes to a very high standard using cost-effective processes. Our homes are professionally designed by award-winning architects like Zuideveld Marchant Hur and Neil Cownie, providing the highest design calibre and finishing. Completed, each home includes carpets, blinds, fencing, landscaping, smoke detectors, trusted kitchen appliances and more.
We produce large scale developments for affordable prices by dealing directly with suppliers and cutting out the middle men. This helps to reduce costs both in terms of planning as well as construction. Nothing gets lost in translation and we’re able to ensure the quality of the materials that go into building your home. We also negotiate deals by buying in bulk, which, as everyone knows, is a great way to save. This allows us to build at a lower cost without having to compromise on quality.
Just take a look at our track record; we’ve created over fifty affordable developments since 2002 and have won several awards from the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) in WA. With our many years of experience, we’re constantly striving for more cost-efficient and innovative ways to deliver quality homes.
We try to make the entire process as accommodating as possible. We do the research, the planning, the negotiating, the managing, so you just do the living. The quality of our homes, and the dedication we offer, is just another reason why you’re better off with Nicheliving.
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