A relaxed modern design… Is the Indie Boho interior for you?


What is the Indie Boho Style?

A relaxed design that is laid-back and welcoming with an unconventionally modern style.

The origin of the look stems from central-eastern European ancient bohemia, with the style appealing to those with a nomadic, carefree lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by its thrown together look though, the Indie Boho interior requires some careful thought.

The bohemian look celebrates diversity, bringing together broad inspirations and contemporary design elements. This is a lovely style for those who want the freedom to be expressive and bring their own personality into a minimalist concept.

Bold and carefree yet simply sophisticated, The Indie Boho proudly embraces an open and vibrant approach but with an elegant subtly that empowers a free-spirited and artistic lifestyle.

The Indie Boho interior provides a blank canvas with whites and soft hues that easily leave room to add personality. The calming colours create a pure look that is wonderfully complimented by layering textures, injecting indoor greenery and mixing and matching vibrant prints.

This eclectic interior style is loud and full of life, yet the haphazard approach creates a laid-back and welcoming space. The style really thrives when things are kept light and airy, letting the decor do the talking.

What features create this style?

Be free-spirited and expressive. With the Indie Boho there’s only one rule, there aren’t any rules. By combining different materials, using contrasting colours and not being afraid to step outside the box, you can create your own thriving interior in this style.

Here’s the features that make the look:

  • Soft hues – white, light grey, calming blue
  • Earthy tones – light green, light brown
  • Pops of colour – lime green, pink, fiery yellow and orange
  • Thick fabrics
  • Rugs
  • Furry throws
  • Lace
  • Prints and patterns
  • Patchwork
  • Natural furniture - colourful lanterns, low tables
  • Wooden furnishings
  • Indoor plants
  • Books
  • Art
  • Mirrors
  • Ottomans
 Want to shop the Indie Boho?

There are plenty of places in Perth to grab your own accessories and bring the Indie Boho style to life in your home. Smaller boutique shops are perfect for buying this style.

Pottery Barn, Perth
With a massive variety of accessories, this upscale furniture chain sells bed & bath items, tableware, lighting & other home goods.

Corner Store, FremantleA lovely shop perfect for injecting the bright colours into your Indie Boho look with their unique range of furnishings, homewares and novelty items in plenty of vibrant colours.

Stackwood, FremantleIndie Boho is all about adding your own personality and what better way than with a workshop where you can create your own handmade pottery, ceramics and fabrics.
3 top tips to nail this style in your home
1. Use light colours to form a great blank canvas on which you can create your own style.
2. Layer your textures, add greenery and mix and match your vibrant prints.
3. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with bold colours and stand out accessories.
Not the style for you?
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