Benefits of Nicheliving Design Guidelines


Here at Nicheliving, we follow strict sets of rules and guidelines to not only help us pick development sites, but to also determine designs for our new home and land packages and apartments. Our track record shows that classic, yet contemporary looking homes will endure longer and we put a lot of effort into ensuring our designs are held to the highest possible standards.
As you may already know, we work closely with award-winning architects like Zuideveld Marchant Hur to deliver sleek, modern designs at affordable prices. Through this close and trusted collaboration we are able to ensure that our homes are not dated and will never fall out of fashion. We encourage the use of neutral colours to make our homes more appealing to potential buyers, investors and tenants. This also allows for the highest resale values and rental returns on our developments - yet another step toward making sure your investment works for you.
On top of our collaborations with professional and experienced architects, we adhere to strict strategies regarding the management of our properties by turning to accredited strata management companies who oversee and facilitate the upkeep of all common areas and external gardens at very competitive costs and fees. This lets us control the quality of our developments and ensure they are maintained in the long term.
A Nicheliving development is like a community; they’re designed to encourage socialising and promote a sense of neighbourly security. Some of our developments include public open spaces, including our new Willetton development, which is one of Perth’s fastest growing and most diverse suburbs.
The public space is set to sprawl over a massive 8,000m2 and will feature a manicured landscape complete with barbeque facilities, picnic settings, a water fountain, a playground and more. The estate is also situated within arm’s reach of the renowned Willetton Senior High School zone, where demand for property is very high. In addition, the development will boast ultra-modern home designs, bringing a taste of New York to Willetton.
Luxury housing at affordable prices. Convenient public spaces. Strict management guidelines. These are just more reasons why you’re better off with Nicheliving.

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