Clean up Australia Day is this Sunday


This Sunday 3rd March is Clean Up Australia Day co-ordinated by the amazing Clean Up Australia charity. The not-for-profit organisation was started by your average Aussie bloke in Sydney, Ian Kiernan AO back in 1989 when he decided he wanted to ‘make a difference in his own backyard.’ Since then it has grown into an international campaign with the launch of ‘Clean up the World’ in 1993.

Now, ‘Clean up the World Day’ attracts 35 million volunteers in 130 countries around the world. ( Everything from, schools, community groups, sporting clubs, local businesses, and small organisations take part in this worldwide event and do what they can to conserve the environment.

As a proud West Australian company, we want to keep Australia clean every day! Even the smallest things can have an impact on how well we look after our environment so don’t assume something that may seem inadequate has no effect. Here’s a few easy things anyone can do to make a difference:

An obvious point that most people should know, but one that can’t be repeated enough. This is one of the easiest and best ways to reduce wastage. Ensure you’re taking the time to learn what can be recycled, how to recycle correctly and the easiest ways to go about it. Simply remember the three R’s; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and you’re already on track to improve the health of the environment. Master the basics and eventually recycling will become a natural everyday practise.

Word of mouth
Start the conversation. Simply by spreading the word you can have more of an impact than you might think. There is power in educating those around you in the correct methods and your knowledge can be an effective tool in reducing rubbish. Many people may not know the things they’re doing are creating unnecessary waste or that they could be making a difference with only the slightest change. The more people that know the better. Chat to friends about recycling tips, community clean up events and general waste management ideas.

Organise your own community clean up
You don’t have to rely on a single day to prepare a community clean-up; organise your own. There may be an area in your neighbourhood that could do with a tidy up so put the word out and get it done. Whether it be a small activity with a few of your close family and friends, or a larger operation involving the whole community, every little makes a difference.

For Clean Up Australia Day this Sunday, find a community clean-up site near one of our developments: As a proudly Perth owned and operated business we’ve been supporting the WA community for many years. With over 15 years’ experience in the property industry, we continue to support local West Australians with their property needs. Whether you’re in search of a rental, downsizing options or your first home we can help you get the right property. As Perth’s largest affordable home and land developer we offer unbeatable value on all-inclusive homes in the best suburbs.

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