Here’s Why High Ceilings Are A Great Idea For Your Home


We love high ceilings and for good reason! There’re many advantages to having an elevated roof in your home; not only do they feel more elegant, but there’s also many non-aesthetic benefits to having high ceilings, some even backed by science.

It seems the average person is far more attracted to a high ceiling and generally rate them higher than a ceiling that’s less lofty. The science behind interior layout styles says there’s also psychological benefits that the extra space provides.

They’re good for your wellbeing, look great, and open up personalisation options, so there’s some real great reasons why that extra height makes a positive addition to your home. It seems if you’re looking to build your new home, then factoring in a high ceiling can really make a difference.

They create a sense of space
It’s one of the best ways to open a room, free an area from clutter and create an airy setting. High ceilings also encourage a spacious feel that makes a room appear larger than it is. You’ll find the atmosphere less confined and restricting, whilst enlarging the appearance, and offering additional space to be expressive with your styling.

Easier to keep a room cool
It’s as simple as warm air rises. The cooler air remains at floor level (where you’ll feel it) in the area that’s most occupied. Perfect for our warm Perth climate, high ceilings make it easier to maintain a room at your ideal temperature. This is due to the increased air flow that the added space allows. They can also improve your homes energy efficiency as you can turn that expensive air con off for longer periods.

Increased décor versatility
Extra height means extra room to customise. High Ceilings allow for décor elements that wouldn’t work without the added space. Add beams for a rustic look, chandeliers for an elegant feel or large hanging lights to emphasise the area. There’s also a much broader range of lighting options to choose from when you have more of the room to work with.

Good for the mind
There’s been continued research into the effects of high ceilings on the brain and the results all look positive. Psychologically, it seems high ceilings promote creating thinking, stimulate the senses and drive a feeling to explore the space. This appears to be linked to our ancestors who weren’t confined to the urban jungle that most of us find ourselves in nowadays. Lofty rooms and large spaces also seem to be linked to a sense of freedom and wellness just like how previous humans would have been roaming free in the wild.

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