Homebuyers watch out for shonky deals


Ever since the first home owners grant increased to $15,000, many Perth builders have been claiming to double, even triple the grant. You’ve probably come into contact with the countless promotions splashed across TV, radio, social media and everywhere in between. To the untrained eye, these offers may seem quite enticing – up to $45,000 towards your first home is certainly nothing to sneeze at! But the truth is, this isn’t what’s on offer at all. This is purely the bait to lure in unsuspecting first home buyers; the delicious looking chunk of cheese that aims to trick and trap the mouse.
First of all, you’re not automatically getting a sizeable discount off the price of your new home, and you certainly won’t receive any cash in hand to use as you please. More often than not, you’ll simply be getting up to $45,000 worth of inclusions. The catch is that these so-called “inclusions” aren’t standard features that are being offered to you free of charge. Instead, they’re upgraded specifications, like slightly fancier benchtops; stuff you may not have even wanted in the first place.
At the end of the day, these builders need to make a profit somehow, so they have to inflate the build price in order to accommodate for this offer. As a hypothetical situation, let’s say you’re offered reverse cycle airconditioning as one of these inclusions. Usually the builder would present you with a quote for let’s say $8,000, but now that the airconditioner is being offered as an inclusion, suddenly you’ll be told it’s worth $12,000. As you add up each item, the advertised worth of your inclusions becomes more and more overblown. The worst part is, you’ll probably never be able to calculate the exact shortfall.
Even more misleading is the promotion of ridiculously low build prices alongside these grant offers. Although it might not be explicitly stated that these offers only apply to certain types of homes, these builders are more than happy to let you draw your own assumptions. For example, there are homes being advertised at $99,000, and while it may seem as though you can redeem a double or triple the grant offer on this price, you’ll be sorely mistaken.
Realistically, how much do you think you can really get for a home at this price? It will be the most basic model imaginable; the absolute bare minimum, devoid of most fixtures and trimmings. Plus, you’ve still got to pay for the land, and all of the extras needed to make this shell of a home habitable. So in the end, are you really saving?
At Nicheliving, we recognise that these offers to double and triple the grant are highly deceptive. We want to provide you with all of the facts so that you can be sure you’re making the right decision when you purchase your first home.
What you see is what you get with Nicheliving. There’s no catches, no tricks and no gimmicks. The upfront price we provide to you on our all-inclusive new home and land packages covers both the cost of constructing your new home, as well as the price of the land, plus lots of other standard inclusions, like carpets, blinds, fencing, landscaping and more! You’ll be getting a fully finished home, so you can move in straight away.
There’s no need for us to bombard you with false and misleading offers because we know you won’t find a better deal than Nicheliving in any of our locations. We’ll even prove it to you! If you find a comparable new home, we’ll beat it by $10,000!* That’s why you’re better off with Nicheliving.
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