Interior Design Hacks


Design trends progress quicker than we can blink. What’s in style today may be yesterday’s trash tomorrow. But fear not! There are many ways to spruce up your home cheaply, and some of them are as simple as moving furniture around. Here are a few of our DIY interior design hacks to ensure your investments remain modern and feeling fresh.
Find the perfect white. No one wants to live in darkness, and white is an ideal way to brighten up a space with few windows. But don’t just choose regular old white. Do some research. Add some personality. There’s cream, natural white, eggshell white, and the list goes on. Find the paint that best suits your house.
Complement and contrast. While white walls reflect light and open up a space, they can be a bit bare. Hanging up pictures and bold artwork is a great way to add character and draw attention. The more vibrant and colourful they are, the better they will stand out.
Go green. Nothing makes a space more homely and cosy than plants. Of course, be smart and select plants that thrive inside, or simply cultivate an indoor herb garden.
Lamp shades and warm whites. Avoid naked globes. They throw uncontrolled light in all directions, which maximises coverage but is completely without character. Invest in lamp shades. They channel light to the right areas and create a soft comfortable glow. And be sure to choose warm white globes. You don’t want your house to remind you of a hospital.
Throw down some rugs. Rugs don’t just add colour to tiled or wooden floors. They break up the space and counteract the sharp lines of your floor patterns and furniture. They also provide comfort and complete your room’s ensemble, especially when placed beneath tables.
Think about layout. Organising your furniture is simple and free. Think about the room’s purpose and take time to arrange your furniture accordingly. Accommodate conversation and ensure the layout of sofas and chairs allows everyone to see each other.
The hygge approach. Hygge (pronounced “hooga”) is a Danish concept that encourages cosiness and homely living through dressing your interior spaces with objects of beauty and personality, like warm throws, books, pictures, scented candles, and whatever makes your home feel like home.
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