Location, Location, Location


Perth is a great place to live, but there is a short supply of space for house and land packages close to the city. That’s why any developers are pushing out to the north and south, to suburbs such as the newly minted Alkimos, where land is plentiful and where builders can stick up as many homes as they like.
The thing is, while that may satisfy the immediate need to provide bricks-and-mortar assets, it’s far from ideal. It’s true that you might pay less for a property in a new suburb than in an already established area where the land is harder to come by, but the real cost will come later, and in ways you may not expect.
For a start, brand-new developments take time to establish. Sure, the homes are there, but what about the shops, the schools, the public transport – everything that turns somewhere to live into somewhere liveable? These amenities only appear gradually…but how long are you prepared to wait for them and what do you do in the meantime?
Well, you travel – to work, to the shops and to all the other things you’re missing. That’s a commitment not just of money, but of time. Meanwhile, the value of your new home is unable to rise with that lack a sense of community. Plus, with so many new builds in these area, supply is going to be much greater than demand, and that could actually drive prices down.
Nicheliving has another solution. Just because space in Perth is hard to find, doesn’t mean it isn’t there…
Our team of experts scour the city for hard-to-find infill sites in well-established areas. Using strict selection criteria, we only develop in areas that may not be big right now, but that are set to become hotspots in the future. For instance, our recent development at Beckenham with both apartments and house and land packages is just a stone’s throw from the refurbished Beckenham train station. Our Atwell apartments, take full advantage of the new multi-million-dollar Aubin Grove station and Harvest Lakes Shopping Centre.
By providing affordable homes in areas with high demand and low supply, Nicheliving makes the best sense for anyone who wants a home in a truly liveable location, where property values are inclined to grow. What’s more, by increasing density nearer Perth’s centre, Nicheliving developments are more sustainable, limiting urban sprawl.

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