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Forget renting! This is your chance to start your property journey and stop losing money on rent. Here’s how to get into your own home the smart way!

Why keep letting your rent money go to waste? Start putting that money towards a house that you will own. If you’re one of the hard-working Aussies who could do with a helping hand, this is the perfect way to secure your first home at an affordable price.

We’ll invest the money you’re currently paying in rent towards a deposit on your first home. Our rent-to-own plan ensures there are no more stressful calls to the banks, no more pressure from your landlord and no more money wasted on rent.

Take advantage of Rent-To-Own with Nicheliving and get ahead from the beginning.

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The benefits of Rent-To-Own with Nicheliving
  • Affordability
    We are well known for providing affordable home solutions. Choose the smarter way to get your new home with Nicheliving and see how much you can save.
  • Save your rent money
    Escape the rent rut and stop all the wasted money going to your landlord. Start putting your money towards your own home.
  • No hidden costs
    One upfront price that you’ll know from the get-go. Once your price is agreed on, there’s no added extras or hidden fees.
  • No build time
    Get into your own home faster with no waiting around. Your new home is already established for a quicker process.
  • Move in straight away – Forget the hassle and enjoy a home that is move in ready. As soon as you’re able, you can move right in and enjoy your new home.
  • Deal directly with the experts – Save both time and money by using only one company that takes care of everything for you.
How rent-to-own works for you
  • Let us handle the sums, assess your situation and help you find the home that’s a perfect fit.
  • You set a purchase price and we’ll save the money you currently pay in rent until you can secure a deposit for the home.
We’ll help you establish a clear savings plan to make it easier and faster for you to save for a deposit.
  • Once your finance is approved and the contract is signed, you’ll be the proud owner of your new home.
Amazing all-round location – Atwell

Atwell is a hotspot in the heart of Perth’s affordable southern suburbs providing: accessibility to the CBD, quality transport links, an abundance of amenities, and a proximity to job hubs.
  • Accessibility
    The area is effortlessly connected to the CBD, Fremantle and Perth Airport thanks to the Kwinana Freeway and Roe, Tonkin and South Western Highways.
  • Quality Amenities
    The location has plenty of amenities including: a community centre, two primary schools, Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre, Murdoch University, and Fiona Stanley Hospital.
  • Active Lifestyle
    The suburb and its surrounds are filled with open spaces, lakes, walking trails and leisure spots, including Thomsons Lake, Beeliar Regional Park and Jandakot Reginal Park.
Find out how owning your home is easier than you think!

Enjoy a convenient, fast and stress-free solution for all things property.
Whether you’re a first home buyer, second home buyer, investor or downsizer, pick an expert company that will take care of everything. Contact our professional team today to find out more about Nicheliving Rent-To-Own.

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Terms and Conditions 
  1. The information provided in these terms and conditions are intended to assist a prospective buyer understand the key terms and procedures associated with purchasing a home through the Nicheliving rent-to-own scheme. It includes a summary of some of the features of the residential tenancy agreement and the contract of sale and some of the provisions of the documents used to effect the rent-to-own scheme.
  2. To be approved for the Nicheliving rent-to-own scheme, the prospective buyer must complete an application, qualify and be approved. The prospective buyer must have qualifying income (i.e. unemployed or pension income is not suitable) and must be able to meet the repayments, as determined by the financier.
  3. The information provided in these terms and conditions is not and should not be regarded as legal, financial or other professional advice and should not be relied upon for these purposes.
  4. The prospective buyer should at all times obtain and rely upon their own independent legal, financial and other professional advice before making any decision based on any information provided by Nicheliving in these terms and conditions.
  5. The residential tenancy agreement and the contract of sale to be signed by the prospective buyer will govern the prospective buyer’s relationship with the seller of the property and the terms and conditions relevant to this scheme.
  6. [Australian Property Alliance Pty Ltd and its associated entities] accept no liability arising out of or in connection with any decision made by the prospective buyer on the basis of the information provided by Nicheliving.


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