New Railway On Track For Property Growth


The announcement that WA’s state government plans a $520m rail project between Thornlie and Cockburn isn’t just good news for eco-minded commuters. Sure, they’ll get a much easier ride (a Curtin University study suggests some families that rely solely on cars can spend up to 40% of their household income on transport…), and fans of the Dockers will be frothing over easier access when their team moves to Cockburn. But better public transport doesn’t just improve life for the people who use it - truth is, there are benefits even if you have no intention of ever using a train.

You see, public transport is like that baseball ground in Field of Dreams: if you build it, they will come. The number of people in Perth is growing by the minute, and time lost commuting is growing with it, so of course home buyers are going to be more excited by places where the trains are closer and more reliable. 

The result? More people want to live in the neighbourhood. And more people means more businesses and services. Soon you have better shops, schools and healthcare, all set up to take care of this new, growing community. That creates more jobs, which means more people which means... oh, you get the idea. And as the area and its desirability increases, so does the worth of its property. Just look at the growth in value of parts of Sydney’s inner west where light rail has been introduced.

So the Thornlie/Cockburn link is definitely a big deal, and one of the suburbs to reap the benefits will be Canning Vale. It just so happens that Nicheliving has a new development there, on the corner of Glenarrif Boulevard and Ranford Road. Before we get to work on any new project, we employ a panel of experts to work out which areas to build in – not the ones that are hot right now, but the ones about to come to the boil. It’s the same story for our Atwell apartments and Hammond Park development, which will be enjoying the benefits of the new Aubin Grove station when it opens in April.

Long story short, better public transport means growth in the value of the homes around it. And our strategic analysts ensure that’s growth you’ll get to enjoy.
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