Nicheliving Launches ‘Connected Communities’ - Using ‘Smart City’ Technology to Reconnect Neighbourhoods


Western Australia’s largest medium density property developer, Nicheliving, is pleased to announce ‘Connected Communities’, a unique proprietary platform designed to keep pace with the global shift towards ‘smart cities’, a model aimed at enhancing lifestyles through the use of ‘smart’ technology.
Nicheliving’s Connected Communities platform centres around the use of smart technology combining to connect users to their homes, development and broader community. More specifically it empowers residents to reduce resource consumption and wastage, save on utility costs, and most importantly, make connections with neighbours.
Connected Communities utilises an easy-to-use dashboard app giving residents the ability to manage their home from anywhere on a phone or tablet. For example, you can view utility consumption and control household electronics (lights, air-conditioning, blinds, security, oven etc). The technology also provides a unique online ‘marketplace’ designed to encourage residents to socialise, share services and engage in neighbour-to-neighbour commerce.
“Nicheliving is committed to putting the ‘heart’ back into property development. We don’t want to simply build apartments and houses to a price point; we want to design and build homes that people want to live in long-term whilst developing stronger community bonds,” said Ronnie Michel-Elhaj, Managing Director, Nicheliving.
“Technology can often be blamed for contributing to less social contact but in this instance, technology is the enabler. Connected Communities utilises technology to provide more opportunities for communication and making it easier than ever for people to make meaningful connections with their neighbours.”
“Our aim is to support our buyers in leading happier, healthier and more sustainable lives. To achieve this all of our developments moving forward will be equipped with elements of the Connected Communities platform.”
Nicheliving is committed to sustainability and is currently the only developer in Australia to utilise a solar microgrid to ensure 100% renewable energy for less than the price of fossil fuel generated power. The micro grid utilises cutting-edge blockchain technology for renewable energy diagnostics and performance monitoring.
Connected Communities will also feature an innovative water management system designed to avoid water wastage as well as a communal transport offering and EV charging station.
A Connected Communities home will also enjoy Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) capable of delivering speeds of up to 1GB/s (1000MB/s).
Connected Communities will be implemented in several stages, with the first stage to be unveiled in the newly launched Sky Homes Inglewood due for completion in 2022, making the development Australia’s most high-tech and sustainable apartment building.
The 5-level mixed use Sky Homes Inglewood project is Nicheliving’s most technically advanced residential offering to date, bringing a unique community of 58 ultra high-tech one and two-level homes to Inglewood’s already vibrant urban landscape.
Key features of Sky Homes Inglewood include:
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Remote home automation for air-conditioning, lighting, window treatments, entry doors and other smart appliances
  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) capable of delivering speeds of up to 1GB/s (1000MB/s).
  • Booking of common area facilities through app
  • *Loyalty App-backed booking and payments platform
  • Inter-apartment communications
  • WiFi access to whole building
  • Number plate recognition providing carpark access
  • EV charging ability to all car bays
  • Smart lockers that alert occupants of receivables
  • Child-friendly virtual reality gaming zone
  • E-gym
  • Sky Deck with BBQs, TV, and theatre


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