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Nicheliving, Perth’s largest affordable new home and land developer, is proud to announce the success of its renovation transformation project for Kim and Vaughn Tucci – mum and dad to the Perth quintuplets.
On Monday night, Channel Seven’s Today Tonight aired a program that revealed how Nicheliving led the works to convert the Tucci family’s four bedroom, two bathroom Baldivis home into a double storey dwelling.
Between the quintuplets (who recently celebrated their first birthday) and their three older siblings, the Tucci home was under a lot of pressure to accommodate so many under one roof. Recognising this struggle, plus the financial challenges faced by Kim and Vaughn in supporting their family’s cost of living, Nicheliving volunteered its services to help ease the family’s day to day experiences.
In the beginning, Nicheliving was asked to convert the family garage into two additional bedrooms, but it soon became clear that an alternative solution was required. In order to adhere to building codes and restrictions, significant alterations had to be made to the garage, including improving insulation and raising the height of the floor and ceiling. There was also an issue of storage space, with the garage packed to the rafters with baby supplies.
Given these circumstances, the Nicheliving team made a counter proposal to add a second level to the existing home. In consultation with the City of Rockingham, Nicheliving designed a second storey comprised of two bedrooms for the older children, a study, an activity room and an allocation of space for additional storage. This would allow the Tucci family to keep their garage intact, while maximising living space without encroaching on or significantly altering the existing home.
Following building approvals, construction of the upper rooms was undertaken on an external site by WA Span Truss to allow for minimal disruption to the family and their neighbours. Within 2 weeks, construction was complete, and in the space of 3 hours, the second level was craned onto the Tucci home in two parts to create a seamless double storey home. This astounding feat was made possible by Nicheliving’s highly experienced construction division and its valued suppliers who regularly provide services to Nicheliving’s developments.
Once the pod was in place, Hearth House installed ducted airconditoning and Attix worked its magic to create the perfect storage space to suit this unique family’s needs. Well-known interior designer Christie Blizzard added her personal touch to the home, leading a complete revamp of the home’s furnishings, inside and out, sourcing local suppliers to donate various materials, including Freedom Furniture.
It was truly a team effort on the final day of the renovation, which saw everybody pitching in to do whatever was necessary to finalise the home. Nicheliving management and staff pulled together to assemble furniture and tidy, mop and vacuum the home. Even Miss Universe, Caris Tiivel, lent a helping hand to clean out and neaten up the Tucci family’s pantry.
When the moment of the big reveal came, Kim and Vaughn were chauffeured to their new home in a limousine. Both were absolutely overcome with gratitude and were amazed by the incredible transformation that took place within such a short timeframe.
Nicheliving Director Ronnie Elhaj was extremely pleased with the final product and the positive impact on the Tucci family.
“Nicheliving has previously supported a number of local community and charity based initiatives, and we’re continually looking for ways to offer support to Perth families. Many of our clients are young families that are trying to get through life, much like Kim and Vaughn. We felt the Tucci family story resonated well with our brand ethos and our vision of helping West Australians achieve the Australian Dream.
“We can certainly appreciate that one or two children can be a challenge for parents, let alone quintuplets in addition to the other children in the Tucci family. Any family can experience a bit of financial strain in trying to handle the cost of living, so we were more than happy to help. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we were able to provide the Tucci family with a great result”.
Nicheliving would like to thank its major partners who supported the renovation project including Loyalty app, WA Span Truss, Hearth House, Attix, Trevors Carpets, Jason Windows, Metroll, Distinctive Ceilings (DGC Group) and ABC Blinds.
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