Owning your home is easier than you think! And here’s why


Everything you need to get into you own home is all under one roof. It’s as simple as that. With Nicheliving there’s no need to go to multiple companies to get your own home, we can handle everything for you.

When everything is taken care of for you, your home isn’t as far away as you may think.
Your home ownership journey should be simple and stress free. Our full range of services cover your every step in the home buying process. Enjoy everything you need under one roof to save you time, money and stress.

Choose a leading property developer in Perth to support your situation and we’ll handle all the hassle.

All the services you need in one place

BuildingIs building new the way for you? Learn how building your own home can be affordable, innovative, fast and stress-free. Enjoy an easy process to get your custom home built exactly how you envision it.

Home and Land – Keen for the whole home and land package? Choose from a selection of affordable home and land packages in some of Perth’s best suburbs.

Real EstateIs an existing home what you’re looking for? Let our real estate experts help you buy, sell or rent your property.

FinanceHome finance help? Seek our fully qualified brokers who will analyse hundreds of home loans to present you with options that best suit your situation. Never financed a home before? Get the fast, simple and straight to the point answers to your first home finance questions.

InvestmentThinking about an investment property? Discuss investment options with our expert advisors to maximise your return.

Interior Style – Want the right interior design to go with your home? Our style series features 6 expertly designed options for you to choose from
How you benefit with Nicheliving
The Highest Quality

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Our homes are multiple award-winning from industry leading bodies. This means with Nicheliving you know you’re getting the highest quality home at the best price.
Award-winning Affordability

The best prices, guaranteed. Why pay more when you can get unbeatable value? On top of quality, our homes have won awards for being the most affordable in the area. Plus, they come with a competitive price beat guarantee so you won’t find a better deal.
Enviable Locations

Live beside everything you could ever need. Enjoy a lifestyle in a well-established area. All our homes are in suburbs that have plenty of local amenities nearby. Get your dream home next door to shops, schools, public transport, healthcare, and recreational facilities.
Everything All-Inclusive

What you see is what you get. Everything in your new home is covered in one affordable price. Know exactly what your home will cost from the beginning, no tricks, no gimmicks.
Here’s what our happy customers have to say
Damien – “Simple and hassle-free”
“This was our first venture into a home & land package and Nicheliving has made the whole process simple and easy to understand. Ollie was very helpful and timely with his correspondences, and very knowledgeable regarding the various aspects of the process. The quality of the builds by Nicheliving we have seen so far are also impressive, and the simpleness of the entire process along with the wide range of services available from Nicheliving has certainly tempted us to consider them again for our future build and developments.”
Brennan G – “Stressless Start!”
“I'm currently in the process of building my first home with Nicheliving. Honestly, it has been such a breeze working with staff at Nicheliving that it still doesn't even feel like I'm building a home. It wasn't until I got the interior house renders that it finally clicked... that's where I want my TV, that's where I want my computer... oh my gosh, I'm building a home, and the hardest part is... whether I should get a dog.”
3 tips for first home buyers

1. Do your research, work out your budget and organise your finances.

2. Take your time finding the right home and in the location that suits your lifestyle

3. Get expert help from real estate agents, finance experts or lawyers to assist with the tricky aspects.

Check out all our top tips for buying your first home.
What are your home goals?

Reach them with ease! Enjoy the convenient, fast and stress-free solution for all things property.
Whether you’re a first home buyer, second home buyer, investor or downsizer, pick an expert company that will take care of everything.

Let’s get you your home! Chat to us today.


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