Style to sell


So, it’s time to sell your home! Whether you’ve lived there for a few months or a few years, a bit of wear and tear on the place you call home is unavoidable. Before you put up that for sale sign, it’s best to show your home a bit of love and attention.

Reports show that styled, or staged homes, which have furniture and homewares bought in purely for selling purposes, will sell between 30 and 50% faster than an empty property! Statistics have also revealed that over 80% of these embellished spaces will sell at or above the asking price. Now that’s not too shabby at all! Here’s some affordable options to help you get your property ready for sale.

You may feel the urge to zoom down to your nearest K-Mart, fill up your trolley at Ikea or spend all night homewares shopping online. But before your bank balance takes a hit, remember this one thing: keep it simple, stupid! When viewing your home, most people will be thinking about how they will style the space, or how their own furniture will suit the rooms. On one hand, you want your home to be beautifully presented, but on the other you don’t want to go overboard with colour, knick knacks, or specific interior styles, as it may be distracting. The best thing you can do is keep it minimal!
Our sense of smell is a very powerful tool in deciding what we do and don’t like. Spaces can easily become musty or reflect certain smells, like the family dog or the garlic prawns you cooked the night prior, which might not impress those coming through your home open! Instead, you can ignite their senses. Light your favourite candles in the hour leading up to the viewing so the scent will linger and induce a more relaxed atmosphere. Bake a quick cake so the smell of oozy chocolate wafts from the kitchen. Anything that will make your home smell comforting and appealing!
You may love your pile of glossy mags. Your partner may adore their framed posters. Or perhaps your littlies love to have their lego strewn across the floor, but people viewing your home don’t need to know this. No one wants to see your old toothbrushes or baskets of dirty washing loitering about. It pays to declutter your rooms by hiding away anything that’s personal or isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Even family photos should be tucked away. People need to see a blank canvas so they can imagine themselves living in the space.

We all know nobody truly lives like the picture-perfect images we see on Pinterest. But, when it comes to presenting your home to potential buyers it pays to give the illusion that you come pretty close. All your surfaces should be spotless, your floors gleaming, no dust bunnies should be hopping about and the wet areas should be clean and free of mould. Even if you have to employ a professional cleaner, the investment will pay off when you see the sold sign in your front yard.

When it comes to getting your home ready, what’s on the outside is just as important as what is on the inside. Embrace your green thumb and give your gardens a bit of extra love in the weeks leading up to putting your home on the market. Ensure the reticulation works and fix any paving or landscaping issues. A smoother transition for your buyer will speed up the selling process, which is better for both parties.

While simple styling is the ideal plan of attack, this doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a few subtle touches. Greenery through plants or flowers will give the space a fresh and relaxed feel. A scattering of pillows, an on-trend rug or a throw over the couch are an inexpensive way to layer your home to give it a stylish feel.

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