Top Tips For Buying Your First Home


If you’re looking to buy your first home, you might be wondering how it works, what’s involved and the steps you need to take. You may be looking at getting your first home or a home and land package and have never embarked on the home ownership journey.

If you’re one of these people, it may seem like the home buying process is daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. If you contact our property experts, they can take you through everything from the very start right till the end. Our friendly team are always happy to help and will ensure your experience is as simple and stress-free as possible.

With our guidance you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best, professional advice and expert information from a leading property developer in Perth. Here are some top tips for when you’re buying your home:

While you have some big decisions ahead, there’s no reason why they should stress you out. Some simple research and a little preparation will go a long way. Start by assessing your situation, working out your budget and how much you can afford.

Organise your finances and plan your budget. Take the time to research which lenders are offering the best deals for your situation. Be realistic with what you can afford and set goals that are achievable. Don’t rush into the first option that’s presented to you. Chat to many different lenders to get a broad variety of options so your final decision is calculated.

You may also be eligible for a first home buyers grant, and other government support that can really help you out. Once you’ve got a financial plan in place you can start saving for a deposit on your dream home.

Find the right home
Once you’ve got an idea of your budget you can begin the hunt for the home you want. House hunting can be an exciting experience and one to look forward to, however it can become tiresome and drawn-out. With so much to choose from, first get a good idea of what you’re looking for, and what style home you need and the location that suits your lifestyle.

Consider creating a ‘must-have’ list of things that are non-negotiable, that could include;
  • Proximity to work, schools, family and friends
  • Public transport connectivity
  • Available services and shops
  • Local entertainment facilities
  • Community environment and atmosphere
This will narrow down your search and cut out any options that simply won’t fit your criteria. We have a range of home and land packages in Perth, apartments, double and single storey homes and we can build you a new home, all in some of the best locations.

Real estate agent assistance
Local real estate agents and property advisors can provide the information you need to assist your home buying process. They’ll answer any questions or general enquiries you might have, and they have the expert knowledge of the area you’re looking at buying in.

There’s no need to tackle this alone. Enlist the help of an expert to find out about the local market conditions, what’s for sale, tips for buying a house in the area, and what the area is like. Our expert property advisors have a broad knowledge of the Perth market and many years’ experience assisting people to get their own home.

Prepare for your purchase
Are you ready to put in an offer on your dream home? It’s wise to get a property evaluation to ensure the figure you offer is in the right range. Your offer shouldn’t be too low or risk segregating yourself from future offers.

At this point it’s probably wise to involve a lawyer who is qualified to handle the legalities. There’s a lot of legal aspects to buying a home and they’re best left to the experts. A good lawyer will ensure your contracts are in order and look after your best interests.

Then put the offer in and keep your fingers crossed. Don’t get downhearted if your first offer doesn’t get accepted.

As an experienced home and land developer we offer unbeatable value on affordable homes in Perth. Chat to us about your situation today and we’ll find you the perfect home in the best suburbs. Call one of our friendly team on 08 9483 0000 or contact us to find out more!


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