Top tech trends to transform your home


As technology becomes ever more integrated with our everyday lives, the home is one area where we are sure to see many more improvements.

In this fast-growing industry, home automation can be as complicated as it is exciting but preparing for the inevitable will certainly allow us to stay one step ahead of the curve. Smart homes are slowly becoming standard and smart tech is a regular feature in home designs nowadays. Homes are being built with a focus on innovation, sustainability and with the future in mind.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this revolution is all just computers and smartphones however, most things you can think of will go through some sort of transition. Your everyday appliances, lights, utilities, blinds, speakers and smart TVs won’t be safe from the advancements in science and technology.

So, here’s a handful of devices, gadgets and technology we expect to see integrated more often in the home.

Voice Control
With the rise of Siri, Alexa and Google assistant, everything points towards voice control becoming even more dominant in the tech world. What this means for the home is that smart speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo are likely to get more intelligent, have more control and be utilised more often. Remember when touch and remote control was the new thing? Well soon all you’ll need is your voice.

Smart kitchen appliances
One area in the home that cries out for further smart technology is the kitchen. With so much time spent in the food centre of the home, this is clearly the room that will benefit a huge amount from automation. Expect all sorts of things in the kitchen to utilise smart tech including; lighting, ventilation, appliances, taps and cooking utensils. For the moment KitchenAid Smart Display seems to be the go to all-in-one kitchen assistant. It’s powered by Google and allows you to stream music, or video, search recipes and is even splash-resistant so you can rinse it off when you’re done cooking.

Multi-room audio
Wireless audio products are nothing new, but they’re likely to become more advanced in the coming years. The latest models are full home packages and include your home assistants Alexa and AirPlay as well as multiple music services like Spotify and iTunes. Sonos seems to be the current leader of the pack having been in the market for a while.

Intelligent security systems
One area that smart systems are becoming increasingly popular is in the security department. They allow you to remotely monitor your home security and control your devices from your mobile. Many can also be easily customised to suit your home, the level of protection you require and how much control you want. The most common items to get the smart treatment are alarms, cameras, video doorbells, smart locks and sensors with the benefit of everything working together in one cohesive hub.
The future of home living is continuing to change in new and exciting ways. With 15 years’ industry experience, our team are revolutionising the building process and adapting it for the future. We utilise innovative building techniques and modern designs to create a streamlined process, so your experience is fast and stress-free. If you’re looking to build your own or buy a property in Perth, we can help you get an affordable home to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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