Turnkey. You may have heard it before, but what does it actually mean?


If you’re in the market for property, searching for your dream home or just having a look around, you’re more than likely to have come across the word ‘turnkey.’ If you’ve done some research you’ll have noticed it comes up a lot, but what does it really mean?

You may be familiar with the similar phrases ‘all-inclusive’ and ‘move-in-ready.’ Essentially what they all mean is that everything is included in the one price. Basically, the house comes with everything that makes it a home; fittings, fixtures, blinds, and landscaping and is liveable straight away. Well, when we promise this we mean it, but many builders will say it just to offer a lower price that attracts first homebuyers or buyers who have a tight timeline.

It’s a regular misconception that all new homes are move-in ready, when in fact that’s often not the case at all. ‘Ready to move in’ has different meanings for different builders so make sure you check and understand what’s really included. Many will tell you their homes are ready to move in to entice buyer interest, but you’ll soon find out that there are surprise fees or extra costs down the line.

The final price may seem more affordable at first but by the time a whole list of extras have been added on, what you first thought was the overall price has suddenly increased. Ensure you read the fine print carefully so you aren’t paying added costs at a later date that can quickly accumulate and blow out your budget.

Thankfully all Nicheliving homes are all-inclusive and come with everything you see. With us you’ll know the full affordable price upfront, no added fees or surprise costs.

The benefits of an all-inclusive Nicheliving home

A key advantage of our all-inclusive homes is that they take the hassle out of the home buying process. Knowing you’re buying a home that is ready for you to move straight into without having to take any extras steps or pay any additional fees is a huge relief.

With everything included in a one, upfront price you know how much you’re paying from the beginning. Plus, our house and land packages are priced below the suburb median. This means you get the highest quality homes at the most affordable prices.

High quality
Whether you’re looking for your first home or an investment property, our selection of all-inclusive homes are designed by award-winning architects to suit every budget and lifestyle. Our team of experts utilise the best materials and modern building techniques, so every home is built to the highest standard.

Great locations
All Nicheliving homes are in prominent suburbs with plenty of local amenities nearby. These areas have many resources such as: shops, schools, public transport, healthcare, and recreational facilities situated locally.

Working with a transparent and trustworthy property developer in Perth such as Nicheliving will ensure you know what you’re paying upfront, in one all-inclusive price. We don’t have any hidden costs, everything you see is what you get. It’s all included in the initial price, so you can move in right away.
We have affordable home and land packages in some of Perth’s best suburbs! Chat to one of our expert property advisors today to discuss how we can help your situation, or visit our website to find out more!


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