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It's a simple fact of life: money makes the world go around. All of us want to find ways to make more money, but it's not about working harder or longer so you can win that promotion or nab that bonus. It's about being smart, and taking advantage of opportunities to help you get further in life. Get smart today- buy one of our select NRAS approved investment properties now!

Owning an investment property could
cost less than you think

Turbo charge your investment property with NRAS. You don't need to lose money now to make money in the future. It's better than negative gearing. Each year these tax-free incentives could add thousands to your bottom line.

What is NRAS?

In 2008, Australia was suffering from a nationwide housing shortage, so the state and federal governments put their heads together and came up with the National Rental Affordability Scheme. By offering some pretty impressive financial incentives, the government encouraged investors to develop housing in particular suburbs to increase the supply of affordable rentals. NRAS is only applicable to brand new properties, and is not government housing.

Your Investment Property Should Fill
Your Pockets, Not Leave Them Empty!

Think about how much you make each year. Now think about how much you lose to the tax man. You don't have to flush your hard-earned dollars down the drain. Invest the money you'd normally lose in tax into an NRAS property. We'll show you how NRAS can work for you and crunch the numbers!


  • Do you earn $80,000pa or more?
  • Are you interested in creating a property investment portfolio?
  • Would you like to learn more about reducing your tax?

If you answered YES: book a free EXCLUSIVE NRAS SESSION with our team to see how we can help you reap the rewards! We have a selected number of NRAS approved investment properties available in some of Perth’s highest performing locations. This phenomenal opportunity is just waiting to be snapped up. Hurry, there's only a limited properties left. Book now!


    If you love apartment living, Nicheliving Atwell is your opportunity to secure a contemporary space in a convenient location without paying inner city prices.

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    Nicheliving Madeley features a combination of double and single storey homes, with four bedroom/two bathroom and three bedroom/two bathroom configurations available in a range of spectacular designs.

    Slide #1284

    This exciting Landsdale development offers savvy investors high quality, architecturally designed homes in a well-established area.

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With only a handful of NRAS approved investment properties left, in some of Perth’s highest performing locations- the time to buy is now! This phenomenal opportunity is just waiting to be snapped up!


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