Invest in select Nicheliving Homes & you could get up to $100,000 worth of Government Incentives over 10 years^

Better than negative gearing, each year these tax-free incentives could add $1000s to your bottom line!**

Several Nicheliving properties qualify for a Government incentive of around $10,000 each year for up to 10 years.

What does this mean for you? Opportunity! These incentives plus annual rental income could exceed your investment expenses.

Historically low interest rates make this opportunity particularly attractive. Each year, an NRAS-approved investment property could return thousands of positively geared $$$'s to your pockets, depending on your financial circumstances.

Nicheliving: Perth’s Most Affordable New Home & Land And Apartments!
HURRY – this opportunity is limited. The number of Nicheliving properties that qualify for the NRAS incentives is fixed. Enquire now.


NRAS and Australia’s rental affordability crisis

Launched in 2007, the Federal and State Government-backed National Rental Affordability Scheme is part of the solution to Australia’s housing shortage. It has been created to:

  • Increase the supply of new affordable rental housing.
  • Reduce rental costs for low-moderate income households by providing affordable private rental properties for Australian families.  
How NRAS incentives work for investors

The Scheme offers an annual financial incentive to approved participants who build and rent dwellings for low and moderate income households^. These incentives, which are available for each dwelling, comprise two key elements:
  • A Commonwealth Government incentive (which was $6,000 at the commencement of the Scheme) per dwelling, per year, for up to 10 years as a refundable tax offset or payment; and
  • State or Territory Government may offer approved participants an incentive (which was $2,000 at the commencement of the Scheme) per dwelling, per year, in direct or in kind financial support.

 The combined incentive is currently $10,917 (NRAS 2015/16).For more information visit

** Disclaimer – The information provided on this website and any examples of the financial and taxation aspects of purchasing an NRAS property from Nicheliving (ABN 41 102 889 896) is intended to provide general information only and is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion. The information has been prepared by Nicheliving without taking into account any particular person's objectives, financial situation or needs. Investors should, before acting on this information, consider the appropriateness of this information having regard to their personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Any reference to a positive cashflow is dependent upon individual financial circumstances. We recommend investors obtain financial advice specific to their situation before making any financial investment decision, including a decision to purchase an NRAS property. The above is subject to lenders normal lending criteria.

^ The stated amounts of $10,000 and $100,000 (and any other monetary amounts appearing on this website or on any other advertising or promotional material in relation to the NRAS incentive) are projected figures only and are based on the current consumer price index (CPI). Incentives are provided annually and may vary annually in accordance with CPI fluctuations. The combined incentive payment is currently $10,917 (NRAS 2015/16), and is indexed annually across the ten years the property is in the Scheme. The Australian Government only provides tax offset certificates directly to NRAS approved participants, and only if there is compliance with the requirements of the Scheme. Any arrangements between NRAS approved participants and individual purchasers of NRAS properties are solely between the parties involved and do not involve the Australian Government. There is no requirement under the Scheme for the incentives to be passed on to you. There will be fees associated with purchasing, tenanting and managing properties purchased from NRAS approved participants. The National Rental Affordability Scheme Act 2008 applies to all of Nicheliving’s NRAS-approved home and land packages. You should make your own decision on the suitability of investing in an NRAS property. See for more details.

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