A good property manager is more than someone who communicates regularly and sends meaningful reports. You need someone with their finger on the pulse of the market. Someone who can make wise decisions. Someone who looks after your property as if it were their own.

Experience more than just property management, with Nicheliving.

Top 4 reasons to partner with Nicheliving property management

1. Our directors are investors too

As the leaders in property management, our team comprises senior specialists with decades of experience managing hundreds of investment properties, from residential, to commercial and strata developments, including over one hundred NRAS properties.

Partner with us today and we won’t just manage your property - we’ll help you build and grow your portfolio by offering you full access to many of our services, from financial services, to market updates, investment opportunities and more.

2. The best rents possible

Our property managers are trained to negotiate the best rent increase possible without costing you a good tenant. We know exactly how to create the best environment for the tenant so they love your property and look after it like it was their own.

3. Access to everything you need, 24/7

We give you access to our internationally acclaimed management software, giving you 24/7 secure access to statements and transactions. You’ll also have access to a dedicated manager (your single point of contact), as well as our operations manager should you ever need backup.

If required, we’ll also grant you access to strata specialist managers who understand the difference and the level of expertise required to manage property in strata titled complexes.

4. Free workshops and events

Enjoy ‘behind the scenes’ insights from some of the best minds in property management through our regular free workshops and events. We’ll keep you up-to-date with regular investment opportunities (VIP launches prior to the public), market reports, local investment information and current market appraisals.

Want to experience better rental returns, better tenants, and the most personal service possible? Partner with Nicheliving in property management  today. Contact Nicheliving to get started.