Are You Feeling The Rental Squeeze?

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Being located in the world’s most isolated city has certainly brought about some perks for Perth’s residents regarding the reduced number of COVID-19 outbreaks, especially in comparison to the rest of Australia and the world.

This desire for normalcy enticed people into moving back to their home state of WA, which subsequently resulted in an influx of people looking for houses and apartments to rent or buy. In Perth’s case, there has been an overwhelming surge in demand but a major lack in supply.

It is an incredibly daunting time for WA renters, not only in considering the lack of rental availability, but the increased and competitive prices that landlords are now demanding.

REIWA’s research showed that Western Australia’s rental vacancy rate in March 2021 came in at a low 0.9%, with between 2.5 and 3.5% representing a ‘balanced rental market’.

Domain’s Senior Research Analyst, Nicola Powell made the remark that Perth has gone from being the most affordable capital city to now matching Melbourne’s prices and being even dearer than Adelaide.

WA Today’s Heather McNeill conferred, saying that ‘Perth rentals are at their highest asking prices in almost six years with the median house costing $430 a week – the biggest yearly increase across the country.’

Similarly, David Prestipino reported that rental prices have jumped by ‘55%’ and vacancies have hit a record breaking ‘40-year low’.

This vacancy crisis and substantial rise in price has meant that large numbers of people are outbidding each other on a single property and therefore driving rent costs even higher, as well as long-term tenants that are being forced out due to no longer being able to afford these increases imposed by their landlords.

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