Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

As the 14th of February looms upon us and some restrictions still in place, spare the masks this Sunday and enjoy Valentine’s Day at home. Whether you want to channel your inner child and beat your beloved at Monopoly or you’re ready to spice things up (in the kitchen, of course!), here are 10 creative date ideas where you won’t have to leave your humble abode.

  1. Indoor or Outdoor Picnic

Who said you have to leave the house to create a romantic picnic for two? Grab out the blankets, pillows and champagne and pair it with a damn good cheese board and enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own home. Whether your inside or outside, we recommend adding some fairy lights and candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

  1. Cook up a storm

Choose a challenging recipe or recreate one of your restaurant favourites and work together to cook up a storm.  Choose the recipe together, shop for groceries together and create a culinary masterpiece to enjoy over a nice bottle of wine. Our favourite recommended valentine’s day meals include seared steak, garlic prawns, pan-fried duck or a rich pasta dish. Don’t forget to include a delectable dessert such as chocolate mousse or heart shape cookies. Want to make it a little more romantic? Did someone say food fight?!


  1. Plan a Board Game Night

Wind back the clock, dust off those board games and challenge your partner to a game duel. Pick games specifically made for two players, think Scrabble, Chess, Cards or Monopoly and may the best partner win. Pre-warning, if you and your loved one are competitive creatures by nature then we would highly recommend sitting this one out unless you want to spend Valentine’s Day in separate rooms!

  1. Movie Marathon

We aren’t just talking about sitting on the couch and flicking through Netflix, make it extra special and drag out your mattress to the living room and settle in for a movie marathon.  Take it to the next level and make your home smell like a cinema by heating up a bowl of popcorn. It’s just like escaping to the movies without the price tag and bonus points you can stay in your pjs and cuddle up with your loved one.

  1. Shake it up

This one is for the cocktail lovers, shake up your Valentine’s Day and make a range of delicious cocktails to test and try. There are many virtual cocktail making classes available online to help you out. If you want to spice things up a little, we love the idea of a cocktail making competition, let’s see who out of the two of you can make the best concoction and may the best partner win. We love this, “20 romantic red cocktails for Valentine’s Day” blog by Spruce Eats, check it out here.

  1. Couples Trivia Night

Even if you have been together for years, this one is a fun bonding session that can bring you closer together. Make up quizzes about each other and ask questions such as “what’s my dish in the world” and test how well you know your partner. You’ll be surprised that you will most likely find out something about your loved one that you didn’t know before. Check out this 50 questions to ask your partner quick as a kick starter.

  1. Indulge in Breakfast in Bed

Classic and traditional for a reason because who doesn’t love a good breakfast in bed. Whether it’s pancakes, bacon and eggs, muesli or one of everything, nothing beats making breakfast for your loved one and enjoying it in the best place on earth, bed. Take turns at cooking for each other so no one misses out and add a rose to really add that V-day touch.

  1. Woman,Having,Breakfast,In,Bed.,Window,LightGet Creative

Now this one is a fun one and enjoyed even more if you have a glass of wine of beer in hand. This one requires a little prep so head to Bunnings or your local craft shop and stock up on paint and a A1 size canvas. The idea here is to both paint a live portrait of each other and see who has the artistic touch out of the two of you. Make it extra romantic by writing your favourite things about your loved one around their portrait or painting symbols that represent this such as their heart or their cooking etc.

  1. Recreate your first date (at home!)

This is cute on steroids but seriously a great idea for your 2021 Valentine’s Day. Whether you met at a bar, for a coffee or did something extra cool like ten pin bowling, try and recreate the date at home from the outfits you wore (if you can remember that far back) to the beer you drank. We can guarantee you will both get a laugh and bring back the old memories that you thought you had forgotten.

  1. Create a home spa day

Ladies you might need to help the fellas plan this one but creating a home day spa not only saves you a lot of money but it’s a fun and intimate way to celebrate Valentines Day. With a few candles, massage oil and some facial masks (yes, fellas can get behind good skincare too), you can create a night of pampering for you and your loved one to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Surprise your loved one with a new dressing gown and foot spa to add an extra special touch.