Feel Fabulous At Fringe Festival

Feel Fabulous At Fringe Festival

With the FRINGE WORLD festival taking over Perth, here’s just a few of the affordable and exciting events to check out! There’s fun for all in the family, and a little something just for the adults too!

The Splash Zone: Mermaids (27 Jan – 25 Feb)
Mermaids seem to be all the rage right now, and they’re making a return to FRINGE. It’s the perfect way for the family to escape the heat of summer with a splash or two and maybe even steal a mermaid kiss. Entry is free and remember to bring towels along!

Pirates!! On the Seven Seas (27 Jan – 25 Feb)
Nominated for Best Children’s Event at last year’s festival, Pirates!!, hosted by pirates Boots and Redbeard, is a great way for your kids to get involved in their own pirate story as they dress up, search for treasure and set sail! The performance is pay as you feel and recommended for children aged 4-12.

The World According to Farts (28 Jan – 4 Feb)
Yup, it’s a show about all the sounds the human body makes. Christa Hughes will entertain the entire family with her powerful voice and cheekiness, with songs, jokes and anecdotes centred on creaking bones, sneezes, laughs, burps, and of course farts. Entry is $22 per person or $20 per family.

Syncope (30 Jan – 3 Feb)
If you’re looking for something a bit more artistic than bodily sounds, award-winning Syncope returns to FRINGE with a circus act that explores the physiology and anatomy of the human body through acrobatics and performance art. The show’s rated M and entry is $30.

Wriggly Reptiles (3 – 9 Feb)
Heavily catered to kids 3 and up who love animals, Wriggly Reptiles lets your little ones get up close and personal with local lizards and snakes, both big and small. Tickets are $15 per person, $12 for kids 12 and under, or $11 per family.

Kids Club Comedy (27 Jan – 25 Feb)
Just like a stand-up show for adults, but for kids. Kids Club Comedy presents an array of comedic talent at the Perth Town Hall every Saturday and Sunday and is hosted by Bert Maverick and Lauren Bok. It’s rated PG and costs $9 per family.

Dirty Jazz Cocktail Hour (21 – 25 Feb)
If you’re not travelling with a family, the Dirty Jazz Cocktail Hour might be for you. The unlikely event combines sex and jazz in a variety of dark and risqué tunes, and is hosted by Jessie Gordon at the renowned Ellington Jazz Club. Naturally, the show is rated 18+ and tickets range from $22 to $26.