Get Creative With Recycling Your Old Possessions

If you’ve been following the 2019 de-cluttering trend KonMari created by Marie Kondo then you’ll know recycling your old items is important. Simply throwing away your old stuff is such a waste when many of your possessions can be recycled and used for something else.

Of course, recycling reduces energy consumption, minimises pollution and protects the environment but it also gives you the chance to show your creative side and even save money. There’s a limitless amount of things you can do with your old possessions without having to add them to landfill.
If you’re planning on de-cluttering this year, then we’ve got some creative ideas to help you turn your old possessions into something new. With these ideas you’ll become a recycling machine in no time.

Create a new life for your old clothes
Before you go throwing out a load of old t-shirts, first think about all the ways you can re-use them. There’s many fun, creative and brilliant ways to give your t-shirts a second life. Make your own quilt, pet toy or rug and feel good knowing your old clothes aren’t going to waste. For heavier clothing you can transform them into something to improve the décor around the house such as cushion covers or a table cloth.

Those old books can become something more
If you’re getting rid of old books then there’s plenty of creative ways to turn them into something new. Getting rid of a handful of books? Why not turn them into a DIY knife block and store your knives in a practical and stylish way. If you’ve got a bigger group of books you can create a DIY backboard for your bed that’s a nice decoration for the book lovers. Even turn them into a bedside table to make a nice little addition to your room.

Reuse your old CD’s 
Have you got a collection of old CD’s lying around that you haven’t listened to or watched for ages? There are a hundred and one things they can be used for. The most popular is probably for decorating. The reflective surface provides a stylish texture that can be used to decorate the edges of a mirror, a plant pot or create a mosaic table top. If you want to get more creative, why not tackle a CD lamp or birdbath and really make a stand out piece. For a simple use, you can use them as cup coasters without having to do anything to them.

Transform your old appliances 
Almost all old appliances that you would otherwise throw away can be re-used and turned into something new. Large appliances such as fridges no different. There are many ways to reuse and recycle your old refrigerator. Turn them into anything from coffee tables and storage containers to shelving and even a bookcase. The new additions can really make a difference to your home décor and your overall interior style. A book case can be made from the inside of your old fridge, or the inside door can provide some simple shelving.

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