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Get The Japandi Look

They say that two is often better than one. In the case of the Japandi interior design scheme, this certainly proves the case with this hybrid design combining the best of both Scandinavian and Japanese design.
Japandi is a mixture of the modern-rustic vibe of Scandinavian designs with the traditional elegance that’s associated with Japanese styles and creates an earthy minimalist design with an Oriental Zen twist. If you like balance and order, then the Japandi look is perfect for your home.

People who are looking to de-clutter their homes and lean towards a minimalist lifestyle will embrace this design as it works based on a clutter-free lifestyle. Nicheliving knows that in your busy work and family lifestyle it’s not always easy to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. That’s why it’s recommended investing in some clever storage options to keep the clutter at bay. If you can’t see it, then it’s not really there!

Japandi is unique in the sense that it offers more than just a design trend, it’s a lifestyle preference of getting everything you don’t need out of your living space, no space for frills and unnecessary decor. It’s a design concept that epitomises the philosophy of “less is more”. It achieves this without sacrificing functionality which is essential to modern family living.

Aside from having a clean and minimalist look, the Japandi designs also give off a warm and cosy ambiance. It creates a combination of traditional decors and raw materials along with natural and simple design elements. A blend of earthy tones of the Scandi look with darker accents for an Oriental twist.

Japandi is the ideal median between the bright and cold colour Scandinavian style scheme and the warm and natural style from the Japanese style scheme. Japandi features a pared-back aesthetic of cool undertones, raw edges, muted tones and a combination of pale and dark timbers. The accent colours are borrowed from the current Scandi trend, with soft pinks, greys and pastel greens whilst the rich colour palette of Japanese design gives the room more warmth.

The introduction of natural sources such as house plants can add vibrant colours and can make the room seem even more cohesive.

To furnish, choose items that have clean and minimalist lines. Opt for furniture pieces that are made from simple and natural materials and focus on the elements with a cultural connection like low-line coffee tables, sofas, pillows, chairs or paper pendant lighting shades.

So if you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and simplicity to your living space, let Nicheliving achieve your goal and create a look that lends itself to the Australian relaxed way of living that’s connected to nature.