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Get The Look: Indie Boho

Whether you know it as bohemian, boho or shabby chic, this look is for the carefree among us! Combining an eclectic mix of materials and textures, it is one for the bold, daring and spirited. Think loud colours, tribal textures and natural elements splashed throughout.

The look’s origins stem from central-eastern European ancient bohemia, with the style appealing to those with a nomadic, carefree lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by its thrown together look though! The bohemian interior requires some careful thought. By mix and matching materials and contrasting colours you can create your own Bohemian Rhapsody interior. Take a read of our Boho style guide to learn how to nail the look!

Au naturel 
One of the key ways to perfecting the bohemian look is getting back to nature. Unleash your inner green thumb and bring more of the outside inside by injecting some leafy indoor plants.  Not only will your new plants help cleanse the air, they will also add a softness. Our top picks are Mother-in Laws-Tongue and Devil’s Ivy.
Stack them on top of books, hang them or place them in a cool rattan basket to complete the bohemian look.

Aztec dreams 
Get creative with your textiles to add an instant fix of boho chic. Experiment with throw pillows or rugs for a super quick and affordable way to get the bohemian feel. The louder the pattern and bolder the colour, the better the statement. The pillows can be positioned on window seats, sofas or even the floor for a relaxed vibe. For the creative among us, head down to your local fabric store and make your own pillows or throws on the cheap.Or stop off at the local thrift shop for some seriously vintage and oh so eclectic threads. Top off the space with a vibrant rug, which will work to tie together the varying colours and textures on display.

Blank canvas 
Those after a subtler look will enjoy this modern take on the bohemian. Think neutral interiors, with splashes of vibrant materials and hints of green to add some zest to the space. The key to the modern take is perfecting the balance between soft neutrals and playful vibrancy. White walls, an abundance of natural light and earthy toned floors provide the beginnings for the look, complemented by statement rugs, throws or pillows in hues of browns or vibrant reds.