Get the New York Look

Get The New York Look

We’ve all grown up drooling over Monica and Rachel’s New York apartment whilst watching ‘Friends’. Now, with the help of Nicheliving, you too can be living in a home which offers a chic, raw as well as edgy modern look.

Made for the urbanite who loves all things recycled and repurposed, The New York interior style is industrial meets warehouse. It offers a stylish revamp of the classic warehouse style with a design that is both elegant and modern whilst incorporating details of the home environment to give the feeling of space.

Featuring raw, exposed elements such as brick wallpaper, it helps to create an authentic warehouse feel adding plenty of depth and character into the space, whilst the modern elements keep it stylish. The idea is to use whatever is there as well as stylish furniture pieces to help divide the wide space, leaving a chic, airy feel.
To make this design feel like your home, decorate with accessories such as sleek wire-framed furnishings and textured floor rugs to add warmth. The idea is to provide a shell to display your collection, the perfect way to show off your character to make your house, your home. Accents are used to add plenty of warmth, visual interest and unique character to make you feel comfortable the moment you walk through the door.

If fine art is your ‘thing’, then you will love and appreciate the Midtown design. Featuring industrial style embracing statement art pieces to fill up space on the walls. Within this design, a big piece of art can make your home very personal and adds an element of cosiness into a fairly minimalist space. The Midtown colour palette is dominated by dark tones to achieve an urban look, including Dulux Black framing to the doorways, which is the perfect way to define spaces into designated zones such as the bedroom.

Cooking becomes a pleasure in the stylish kitchen which is designed with open shelving, a subway tiled splashback, dark cabinetry and splashes of timber. An optional upgrade is to have a built-in fireplace for an authentic look, while statement lighting pieces can be added to create striking talking points and show your home off in all its glory.

Part industrial, part rustic and pure chic style. Let Nicheliving inspire your home with The New York industrial style to create a spacious feel whilst achieving an achingly edgy look you will love to come home to day after day.