Have Your Smashed Avo And Eat It Too

Have Your Smashed Avo And Eat It Too

According to comments that went viral last year, millennials can’t afford to own a house because they spend too much money on smashed avo. Well, if you’re one of them, have no fear! With Nicheliving, you can have your smashed avo and eat it too thanks to our incredibly affordable new home & land packages starting from $269K. In fact, you can have your avo any way you like it. Here’s a few interesting ways to enjoy avocado!

Turn it into a smoothie. Avocados are filled with fats (the good kind) and are perfect for juicing into frothy smoothies that are quick to fill you up. Feel free to experiment adding different ingredients to give you a bit of variety – kale, pineapple and coconut are particularly delightful!

Chocolate-avocado pudding. That’s right. It’s avocado in a chocolate dessert! Simply blend avocado flesh with vanilla bean seeds, cocoa powder, maple syrup, agave nectar, orange juice, salt and hot water till it’s all creamy and scrumptious. You could even try avo in chocolate brownies.

Make some avocado pancakes. While green pancakes might not look all that appetising, the avocado makes for a great breakfast option if you want all the benefits of healthy fats and omega-3s in a sweet treat without the guilt of adding sugar.

Create avocado ice-cream. Just like avocado makes deliciously creamy pudding, its fatty nature is also ripe for ice-cream, especially when paired with fruits like bananas. But be careful not to make it too green or it may end up looking like matcha.

Spike it with rum. A clever twist on a classic daiquiri, this cocktail combines the freshness of citrus juice and the smooth kick of rum (both light and gold) with the healthy punch of avocado. Perfect for your next Sunday sesh in the middle of summer!

Avtella. Av- what? Yup, it’s avocado and Nutella. Well, hazelnuts, more precisely. Just grab a food processor, cocoa powder, sweetener, avocado and some hazelnuts and you’ve got an insane treat that’s ideal for breakfast! Or you could add actual Nutella. No one’s judging.

Avocado pasta. Of course, avocado doesn’t only suit sweet stuff. If you’re adventurous with food and looking for an alternative to dairy, you might want to try some avo pasta. Combine avocado, lemon juice, garlic and some olive oil in your food processor and you’ve got a pasta sauce that’s just as delicious and creamy as any carbonara.

The avo face mask. And if you don’t want to consume avocado at all, let it replenish your skin as a moisturising face mask! It also works on your hands and feet and could even revitalise your hair. Avocado’s more than just guacamole.