How To Declutter Your Home With The Marie Kondo Approach!

New Year, new you! Start 2019 with a fresh home makeover. This year it’s time to throw away or donate all those extra clothes, unused items and old books to create some extra space in your home and we’ve got the guru to help.

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo then it’s time to find out why so many Australians are transforming their homes with her methods. She’s revolutionised the home makeover game with her new decluttering approach, KonMari.

Her new show on Netflix ‘Tidying Up’ which premiered this year is well worth a watch if you’re planning on creating more space in your home. Inspiring home makeovers everywhere, Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm.

Her philosophy
The KonMari method devised by Marie Kondo herself is based on the idea that you only need items that ‘spark joy’ in your life. If you get a positive feeling when you hold any of your possessions, then it should remain a part of your life; anything else should go. The result is you end up surrounded by only those things that will improve your mentality and lifestyle.
Here are some of her tips to make decluttering your home as easy as possible:

Have a specific order in place
While you may be tempted by standard decluttering methods that involve going from room to room, Marie suggests a better approach is to go in a set order of items. She proposes starting with clothes then books as these are the easiest items to make decisions about. From there documents, miscellaneous items and mementos follow in that order. Sentimental items are left till last as she believes by this time you’ll have a better sense of exactly what ‘sparks joy’ and your decisions will be clearer.

Does it ‘spark joy’
As the main idea behind the KonMari method, this is Marie Kondo’s guideline as to whether you keep an item or throw it away. She believes you must hold each item and if you feel a sense of happiness then it’s something you should keep. Her idea has nothing to do with whether the object is practical or not, but whether it brings joy to your life. The result is you’re only surrounded by items that are there to make your life more positive and anything else is just unnecessary clutter.

Everything has a place
Marie Kondo believes that all your items should have their own specific place in your home. She tells us to find a suitable spot for everything and keep them there. This makes finding what you need and then returning it to its correct place quick and easy. You’ll also be able to tell how much of something you have at a glance and no longer will you need to spend time searching for that container lid.

Be grateful and don’t force yourself
Whilst it’s easy to be constantly on the search for that next thing that you want, Marie Kondo reminds you that it’s important to remember what you already have. Be grateful for all the items that you own and thankful even for the things that you’re throwing away. She also talks about the importance of not forcing yourself to throw items away just for the sake of it. Everyone is different and the number of things in your life should reflect that.

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