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How To Feng Shui Your Home

Ever thought about what a Feng Shui home is like? Want to give a breath of fresh air to your house and create a harmonious home? This may just be the philosophy you need! Why not give these Feng Shui tips a try and enjoy the process.

What is it?
Also known as Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui attempts to create harmony in a home through the balance of energies. The world of Feng Shui is spilt into five elements;

Wood: Creativity and growth
Fire: Leadership and boldness
Earth: Strength and stability
Metal: Focus and order
Water: Emotion and inspiration

The idea is these need to be correctly balanced in your home to achieve the blissful state of harmony Feng Shui aims to create.
Importantly though, make use of the aspects of Feng Shui that resonate with you. Not everything will work for everyone so utilise the elements that’ll help you improve your home how you want. Here’s some Feng Shui tips to draw on:

Get rid of the clutter
Too many objects stop the energy flowing freely through your home and these disruptions cause a build up of negative energy. Remove items you don’t use or have no aesthetic purpose and de-clutter your home to open up the space, free the air and allow more light into the house.

Natural lighting
Light has a powerful presence in Feng Shui. Lighting is crucial to creating a strong positive energy so ensure curtains and blinds are open throughout the day. Use lamps to aluminate dark areas and candles to provide a calming light that is perfect for a peaceful vibe.

Allow air flow
Air is another element that is important to creating effective Feng Shui. Don’t be afraid to open windows and doors and let the fresh breeze blow through the house. Investing in house plants will also help purify the air and bring life to energy-less areas. Our Indie Boho interior style is perfect for keeping things open, well-lit and airy.

Your front door is important
Your front door is the gateway to your home and the entrance from where the positive energy comes from. Keeping your door open when you can will offer a passage for the energy to flow freely into your home. Ensure there is nothing blocking the front door or anything crowding the space.

Use mirrors wisely
As the ultimate energy reflectors, the position of your mirrors can change the overall balance of a space. Mirrors placed in dark spots or long hallways will draw light to the area helping circulate energy. For best results don’t hang mirrors in your bedroom that you can see whilst you’re in bed and don’t choose a mirror that distorts the reflection such as a mosaic mirror. Our Modern Luxe interior style makes good use of mirrors, especially big statement pieces that accentuate the sense of space.

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