How To Host The Perfect Australia Day Party At Your House

The most patriotic day of the year is upon us! Australia Day is celebrated by millions of Aussies on home soil as well as many abroad. We’re all celebrating the same thing; a love for this wonderful nation! We’re a country of meat pies, animals, footy, friendly competition, comradery, mateship and family, and this is the day we enjoy everything great about our lovely piece of land.
Are you planning on hosting Aussie Day at your house this year? Here’s a few things to remember to ensure you have the perfect Australia Day party.

Prepare your house
First up, you need to prepare your house for the big day. Tidy up your home a few days before the party starts and de-clutter to make room for all your guests. Don’t forget the outside! Take care of any overgrown bushes, weeds or your unkempt lawn so there’s more space to enjoy the party games. Spruce up any particularly dirty spots and give the BBQ a once over so it’s ready for action. If you’ve got a pool, make sure it’s clean so your guests can cool off and of course don’t forget to put up the Australian flag.

Nothing gets a party rocking like some real good music. To ensure everyone’s jamming out, your playlist has got to be the best it can. Make sure the tunes are filled with all the Aussie classics. Paul Kelly, John Farnham, Men at Work, ACDC, Jimmy Barnes, and Midnight Oil are just a few of the legends your playlist must include. Of course, it’s not Australia Day if you haven’t got everyone singing along to Daryl Braithwaite’s ‘The Horses’ at some point during the day.

It wouldn’t be Australia Day without a traditional Aussie BBQ. The key to keeping your guests energised is to supply them with great food. Provide a selection of meats like steaks and sausages and a variety of lamb, beef and pork to give your guests some options and ensure there’s plenty for everyone. Compliment the meats with some other Australian regulars such as; prawns, potato salad, fruit salad, cheeses, nuts, pavlova, lamingtons, and of course vegemite. A proper BBQ is the cornerstone of any good day and it would be un-Australian to have your guests leave with an empty stomach.

You’ve got to get out the party games on Australia Day! As Aussies we love a bit of friendly competition and there’s no better way to celebrate with family and friends than to bring out the games. A match of backyard cricket is like an Australia Day tradition and thong toss is also a popular game all over the country. Really get into it with a slip n slide, another classic. Set up the tarp, grab the detergent, get the hose out and enjoy hours of fun in the sun.

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