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Indulge in a high-end experience

Article by Annie Mills – Luxury Living, The West Australian

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High End Nicheliving continues its love affair with the western suburbs through infill developments nestled close to the beating heart of the city and promoting efficient use of land.

As Perth’s largest medium-density developer, Nicheliving – now in its 21st year – offers a luxury home collection in sought-after locations.

And this rings true with its new development in Dalkeith.

Located on a highly desirable street, 69 Waratah Avenue, Dalkeith represents the pinnacle of opulence and sophistication with five new double-storey homes.

“Perfectly positioned within 300m of two cafes, a bistro, a restaurant, a French patisserie, a Pilates studio, a hair salon, a spa, a medical spa, a nail and beauty lounge, gift shops, a florist , a supermarket, medical services and so much more, High End Nicheliving’s luxury home collection at 69 Waratah Avenue is lifestyle living at its finest ,” High End Nicheliving Property Advisor Luke Jones said.

The allure doesn’t stop there. These residences are 900m from Swan River in three directions, including on either end of the street, so no matter which way you choose to take a leisurely walk along the waterfront, the riverside abodes provide a front-row seat to nature’s grandeur.

“The homes’ design inspiration is focused on natural materials and earthy colours, combined with striking architecture showcasing artistic flair and character to complete this luscious look,” Mr Jones said.

Redefining opulence, High End Nicheliving’s development effortlessly marries classic elegance with modern sophistication, setting the stage for an unparalleled lifestyle.

Geometric architecture takes centre stage, imparting an avant-garde touch, which exudes both character and charm.

An ageless appeal is etched into every facet of the builds, ensuring they are destined to withstand the test of time.

With six high-end interior options, buyers can design their new home to their style while enjoying all the finest finishes and luxury inclusions, including Gaggenau appliances and an internal lift – all in the one upfront price, which is inclusive of a fully finished lavish new home.

“Nicheliving’s business model as both a land developer and a builder in one allows buyers to purchase a complete house and land package without the need for prestart,” Mr Jones said.

“Our quick-start model allows buyers to choose between six hand-selected , high-end interior schemes, which are all perfectly curated by Perth’s leading designers and stylists.

“Every home comes fully complete, so you can move in and not have to worry about a thing.”

To learn more, visit High End Nicheliving’s showroom, where the team will indulge you over coffee or a sumptuous lunch from Vetrina Cafe – High End Nicheliving’s onsite Italian cafe – as they unveil the floor plans, interior styles and the complete list of resplendent inclusions.

For more information, call Mr Jones on 0421 129 789 or visit


Location: 69 Waratah Ave, Dalkeith

Contact: Luke Jones, 0421 129 789


The allure of natural beauty

Article by Annie Mills – Luxury Living, The West Australian

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The use of natural materials in luxury builds is often driven by their ability to elevate the living experience, according to Nicheliving Property and Design Advisor Brad Shirvani.

“It’s more than just a construction material, it’s an embodiment of craftsmanship, aesthetics and a connection to nature that resonates with luxury new homebuyers seeking a harmonious and refined living environment,” he said.

“With its ability to infuse spaces with warmth and a sense of cosiness, natural textures and colours create an inviting atmosphere while bridging the gap between the built environment and the natural world, especially with sustainability being a growing concern and focus in luxury home construction.”

Master Builders Association of Western Australia Housing and Construction Director Jason Robertson said the mixing and blending of different eco-friendly materials was being utilised to create looks which were both earthy and still contemporary.

“Not only does this create a truly one-of-a-kind design but it can also greatly increase certain efficiencies in the home,” he said, adding that it is the combination of natural beauty, ecofriendliness , and positive effects upon our physical and mental wellbeing, which makes natural materials such a popular choice.

“From improving the quality of the air through to knowing environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials emit little to no toxins and have fewer harmful chemical environmental pollutants, it has a positive impact on the occupants in the home.”

Mr Robertson said there were plenty of natural material options for your opulent property to choose from such as natural stone and timber, including recycled timber, along with rammed earth.

“When it comes to natural stone, benefits include fire resistance, sound insulation properties and being structurally strong,” he said. “Limestone is a great example, with the material’s longevity another bonus.”

Mr Shirvani said natural materials played a significant role in many of Nicheliving’s finest homes, highlighting the builder’s focus on designing abodes with authenticity, aesthetics and sustainability.

“High End Nicheliving’s luxury home collection in Dalkeith focuses heavily on natural materials,” he said. “In the high-end kitchens at the 69 Waratah Avenue, Dalkeith development, natural materials were used not only for their aesthetic appeal but also to evoke a connection to the environment.

“The integration of outdoor elements enhances the kitchen’s functionality and creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for culinary creativity and entertaining guests.

“With a seamless transition and a cohesive connection from the home’s indoor kitchen and dining to the exterior living zone, new homebuyers enjoy the natural light that will flood the space while blurring the boundary between indoors and outdoors.”


Location: 69 Waratah Ave, Dalkeith

Contact: Brad Shirvani, 0423 328 427



Taking advantage of location attributes

Article by Annie Mills – Luxury Living, The West Australian

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A home’s level of opulence is determined by more than the materials used in the build – how it utilises its location also plays a significant role.

Nicheliving Property Advisor Luke Jones said when designing and building a new home, it was crucial to consider how to best maximise the land it was to be situated on.

“Often a luxury home is located on highly sought-after real estate,” he said. “With the land’s location the ultimate investment factor, it is important the abode’s design enhances the overall living experience and either the buyer’s lifestyle or the target market’s needs.

“The new homebuyer should be able to immerse themselves in the beauty of a well-designed home and their surroundings.

“High-end buyers often want a top-quality home designed to complement the local architecture and environment, fitting seamlessly within its surroundings and becoming part of the natural landscape.

“They are also increasingly seeking sustainability and environmental considerations, with ecofriendly features contributing positively to the residence’s surroundings while reducing its ecological footprint.” According to Mr Jones, diff erent landscapes will inform the build’s design, from inner-city blocks to beachside locales and more.

“City areas will normally focus on the historical context of the suburb towards its architectural style and maximising the plot of land, especially when focused around medium-density properties and townhouses, which prove very popular for an easy lock-up-and-leave lifestyle,” he said.

“Coastal or riverside suburbs will often utilise architectural styles embracing light colours, large windows and open-plan layouts.

“Overall, the designs of homes in different locations are tailored to enhance the particular characteristics and local environment, creating living spaces and premium homes which are both functional and harmonious with their local surroundings.”

Mr Jones said taking full advantage of a location’s attributes generally involved conducting a thorough site analysis focusing on the natural surrounds, views, location and other factors.

Connecting to nature through design and materials is a central part of Nicheliving’s upcoming development at 69-71 Hastings Street, Scarborough.

Mr Jones said ensuring the design and location worked together was part of what made this development so special.

“A well-designed , high-end home will have a strong connection to nature while inspiring creativity and innovation, and become a timeless legacy,” he said.

“Our Scarborough beachside development captures the essence of the location with seamless indoor/outdoor flow , and a focus on local materials and craftsmanship.

“The organic origin and natural characteristics of the materials used, like timber, foster a sense of harmony between the built environment and the surrounding landscape.”


Location: 69-71 Hastings St, Scarborough

Contact: Luke Jones, 0421 129 789