Interior design saving hacks

Interior Design Saving Hacks

Interior design plays a huge part in making a house a home. The dining, living and kitchen can be exciting and energizing with light-filled interiors and hints of bold colours, while a bedroom could use soft colours to calm the senses.

A scroll through Pinterest interior design boards is bound to get your creative juices flowing, but decorating the home can fast become an expensive project if you’re not careful. We spoke to DIY interior design blogger Iryna Federico for her affordable home decorating tips.

The From Great Beginnings blogger is best known for her pastel organisation in the pantry – sure to satisfy even the most OCD person you know. We’re talking pastel SMEG appliances with matching dining sets and storage containers, for the cutest pantry you ever did see! Pantry goals, anyone?

The Marketing and Contracts Coordinator by day and DIY blogger by night designed her own pantry and picked up plenty of interior design hacks along the way. For those hoping to transform their interior space on the cheap, Iryna’s biggest tip was to plan.

“Measure and plan everything out before hand and work in accordance with a common theme to achieve continuity and aesthetics,” she said.

She cautioned less is more when it comes to design.

“Don’t over clutter spaces and only purchase the items you need,” she said.
“It is much easier to organise and turn spaces stylish if there is less to organise.”

It is also worth investing in some key statement pieces and using inexpensive items to change up the look.

“It is much easier to throw a bright cushion on a neutral couch, than to purchase a whole new couch when you want a bit of a change,” Iryna said.

When the need for change does eventually call, there are some alternative ways to get the look rather than hitting the shops for the latest (and most pricey) arrivals.

“I’m a big fan of change within the home and regularly list my decor pieces of buy, swap, sell pages online to replace with new items,” Iryna said.

“This helps me (and my budget) achieve continuity throughout the home while allowing the opportunity for creative outlets behind closed doors.”

Getting crafty with your purchases is another great saving hack and can help achieve a sense of continuity throughout a space.

“Spray paint is definitely one of my favourite interior design hacks,” Iryna said.

“I spray paint baskets, jars, containers and furniture. It’s such a quick and inexpensive way to make things reflect personal style.”

Iryna tipped the year ahead would reveal a trend towards subtle and more pared back looks for the home.

“I think white and grey are really coming into trend as the Hamptons theme picks up and detailed cabinetry, dark floors and bright interiors are making a welcomed come back,” she said.