Kid Friendly DIY Boredom Busters

So, school holidays have been extended for another week and the kids are getting tetchy, the first question to ask is how are you doing? Chances are your puzzle collection is lacking, you’re running low on Netflix options and there are only so many storybooks one can read, so with the shops closed we have pulled together some kid-friendly DYI arts and craft ideas for the kids to bust their boredom during this lockdown and before you know it they will be back at school.


  1. Kinetic Sand

Make kinetic sand with only 3 easy ingredients that you already have around the home which will entertain the kids for hours. All you need is 2.5 cups of fine sand (from the park or backyard, 1.5 cups of corn-starch (reach deep back into the pantry and we guarantee you will find some) and ½ cup of olive oil plus some food colouring for some extra pizazz and you have yourself some kinetic sand. There are so many activities you can do using kinetic sand, check out the options here.



  1. DIY Foam Paint

This three-ingredient recipe is a little bit art, a little bit of science and we can guarantee the kids will love it. The paintable foam (which kids can pipe out of plastic bags) hardens overnight into super-cool, puffed-up masterpieces. Making foam paint is as easy as it gets, all you need is shaving cream, your craft/school glue and your food colouring – that’s it. Check out the full instructions here. 


  1. Mini Volcanoes

Pre-warning, this activity is one for outside only! This explosive science experiment is perfect when using a glass dish. Play around with colourful lava by using different colour food colouring and have some fun mixing colours and natural explosions. Check out the tutorial here.


  1. Fairy Garden

This one is for the fairy lovers out there, even though to you it’s a bit of glitter, to them its magical pixie dust and the will love this DIY project. Check out the instructions on how to make a mini magic garden with the kids and watch their eyes open wide and be bewildered by the magic. Check out the link here and have fun finding fairies.


  1. Fireworks in a glass

You will be surprised how three simple ingredients will keep kids mesmerised for hours, all you need is food colouring, olive oil and water and you have yourself your very own fireworks in a glass at home display. The photos we found don’t do this awesome trick justice, we recommend trying it today and see how long the kids stay entertained. For the full instructions, click here.


  1. Bubble Painting

Now this one is even fun for the adults, all you need is a couple of straws, paper or cardboard and some paint (or check out this DIY paint recipe here) and you are good to go. Blow a bubble/paint mixture through a straw and onto a paper and — voilà! — you’ve got art for the fridge and endless amount of entertainment for the kids (well an hour at least!). Check out the full instructions on at home bubble painting here.


  1. Pillow fort

Remember the days where you and your friends and siblings would gather every pillow, blanket and soft toy you could find to build the ultimate pillow fort? Wind back the clock and get the kids involved by creating the ultimate pillow fort because who wouldn’t want to create a mansion out of pillows and blankets? (Besides mum, of course.) Check out this blog on the best tips on how to make the ultimate DIY pillow fort, no matter how old you are.


  1. DIY Funfetti Playdough

Skip the home baking cookies and cupcakes and try this 2-ingredient playdough instead! Not only is it fun to make with the kids but it will keep them entertained for ages. The mixture is even edible but nearly all sugar, so don’t turn your back on little ones for too long unless you are ready for a sugar rush. Check out the instructions here and we guarantee you won’t need to visit the shops for this one.