Lot B Proposed45 Joiner Street, MELVILLE WA 6156


Secure one of these 507sqm blocks in Melville.
City Views, River Views and Mountain Views – from second level.
The street has many 2 storey homes that are already taking advantage of the views

Call Peter for details
0431 417 345 or 9483 0045

House and Land package also available – please ask for details.

Proximity to Perth: 21 minutes to Perth by car, 40 minutes on public transport.

What is close by to the property:

Parks within 1.5km

Winnacott Reserve, Marmion Reserve, Robert Street Park,
Webber Reserve,

Restaurants: within 1km
Fontanas Cafe Lunch Bar, Spice Express, Me Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Happy Star Noodle House,
Ohnamiya, Hong Kong Cuisine, Nishi Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, Cora Charcoal BBQ,
Ipoh Garden Restaurant, Willagee Fish & Chips, Jaylea’s Patisserie, South Fortune Chinese,
Rhein Donau Restaurant, Yummy BBQ Chinese Restaurant, SubwayÃÆ’Æ‘Ãâ€Â ‘ÃÆ’¢€ÃƒÆ’…¡ÃÆ’Æ‘â€Ãƒ…¡ÃÆ’â€Ã…¡Ãƒâ€Å¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚® Restaurant,

Schools Close by
Melville Senior High School, Melville Primary School,
Caralee Community School, Mel Maria Catholic Primary School,
Santa Maria Catholic College, CBC Fremantle,

Errands close by: Less than 2km

Friendlies Chemists, Australia Post – Willagee Central, Bunnings Melville,
Australia Post – Myaree Post, Australia Post – Melville South,
ANZ ATM Willagee Woolworths, Copharmacy101,
Myaree Hardware, ANZ ATM Melville Caltex,
Inspirations Paint Melville,

Coopers Brewery, Midnight Fox, Legends Bar & Bottleshop,

Fruit Break, The Mobile Green Grocer, VitaAus – Vita Australia,
Perth Kimchi, Yee Seng Oriental Supermarket, IGA Supermarkets,
Willagee IGA, Chan Bros Oriental Supermarket, Supa IGA,
Ambrosia Quality Foods, Eziway Food Stores,
Willagee Supermarket, Woolworths Melville,

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Nicheliving is keen for you to visit our properties for sale. We are happy to conduct Facebook Live – property walk throughs, create Live Instagram stories and do Zoom meetings where appropriate. Please ask our staff to arrange this for you. At our inspections we will be using appropriate safeguards and will ask that people viewing our properties avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily, we will also be using increased sanitation at all properties and ask our customers to observe appropriate social distancing.

Please call us on 9483 0000 for more information on our properties.


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