Make your small space feel bigger with these handy tips

There are plenty of benefits of living in a smaller home such as the affordable price tag, reduced running costs and less cleaning. Smaller spaces require less furniture and decorative items and they also can feel more homely. Overall, small homes can be a beautiful and practical option over a large family home, when the time is right.

Now, just because you are downsizing doesn’t mean you have to live in a shoebox. If you’re used to a larger home, when you downsize you may feel a significant change in the feel of your home. Which is why we have put together our handy tips that you can use as a guide when downsizing to make your small space feel bigger.

  • Use lighter shade paint colours

Lighter paint colours will reflect the natural light and make the room feel larger no matter how small it may be. Darker colours on the other hand, will make the space seem cosier and more intimate which is what we want to avoid. If you’re after a more spacious feeling, opting for a light and neutral colour palette will be more effective. When building your downsize home with Nicheliving, we recommend choosing one of our soft interior style palettes such as coastal or indie boho.

  • Create flow through flooring

Continuing the one flooring type throughout the main living areas of your home will make a huge difference in the feeling of space.  Adding rugs is an effective way to add warmth without visually shrinking your space. When choosing a rug, it’s best to refrain from something that is overly decorative and instead, stick with a simpler design such as a jute rug or a nice subtle woold blend rug.

  • Opt for open plan living

When choosing a home to downsizing in, it’s important to consider an open plan living design. Most modern homes including all Nicheliving homes are designed based on an open floor plan where the kitchen, living and dining all flow together effortlessly. This creates a sense of a larger space even if the square meterage of the home is small.

  • Use Mirrors

A nice simple, easy solution – mirrors! If you need a quick solution to make your rooms feel larger, use mirrors. Mirrors work by reflecting sunlight, allowing it to bounce around the room and giving the illusion of space, it’s truly incredible. To steal more light or to enhance your view, artfully position the mirrors so that they reflect a window and the view outside. We love the current Temple and Webster range of mirrors, check them out here.

  • Furnish appropriately

Now, this is an easy one to get wrong when decorating small spaces, filling them with smaller furniture pieces. Sure, an oversized deep modular sofa may not be appropriate, but believe it or not, furnishing your home with a few bigger pieces can make a space feel larger. Be thoughtful when choosing furniture for your small space, we recommend opting for statement pieces in plain fabrics instead of multiple. Invest in furniture that can serve many purposes such as an ottoman that also works as a coffee table or a coffee table with built-in storage space so you can maximise your space to its full potential.

  • Don’t over-decorate

Lastly, less is more is the mantra when downsizing. Don’t overcomplicate your smaller spaces by over styling with a range of decorative items as this can create a cluttered feel which will only in turn make the space feel tiny. We are talking books, photo frames, vases and decorative items, so choose what you cherish and store the rest (or give them to charity!). In smaller spaces, you need to be much more selective about what you choose to display if your aim is to make the proportions feel bigger. Once you’ve arranged these items in the room, remove one or two until you’ve achieved the perfect balance between visual interest and restraint.

Need some assistance with styling your new home? Give us a call and we can put you in touch with some of the industry’s best interior stylists. Contact us today.