Nicheliving Making Tomorrow Better – Sustainable Living in Beaconsfield

Designed purely to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact, Nicheliving Beaconsfield is a boutique development that has adopted an innovative way to building. Our forward-thinking approach aims to create a build to help make tomorrow better. As a Nicheliving first, we have used strategies developed by research to create more energy than it uses to promote and improve environmental performance in the housing industry.

The full impact of climate change is not completely known yet however experts have agreed that it will affect our global temperate and weather patters as well as affecting the health and biodiversity of our ecosystems. Therefore, we decided it was important to expand our knowledge and ability to build homes that adapt and utilise natural resources as much as possible during the design of 148 Lefroy Road, Beaconsfield.

Inspired by the GreenSmart concept which was a voluntary initiative undertaken by HIA in 1999, the 5 main objectives to this concept have been carefully considered and adapted during the design process of our Beaconsfield homes

  • To minimise the consumption of non-renewable energy
  • To minimise the consumption of potable water
  • To increase recycling and reduce waste during construction
  • To provide and enhance healthy living conditions
  • To conserve and potentially rehabilitate sensitive environments


This doesn’t have to mean having a “hippy house”, there are multiple benefits to sustainable living that will appeal to any buyer, including reduced energy and water bills, less toxic substances and materials used creating a healthier internal living environment, waste reduction and increase in recycling.

So how we are adopting sustainable living?

We have used sustainable and economical building system technologies, materials, and products to ensure an environmentally responsible build. We have adopted energy efficient products which you will find in Nicheliving Beaconsfield including:

  • A 7.5 NatHERS energy efficient rating
  • Standard solar panels
  • Adapted a carbon neutral construction method
  • Underground 1000 Litre rainwater storage tank
  • Lightweight construction


The key to achieving a comfortable, high-performing home is to design for your climate. Homes with a higher star rating are considered more thermally comfortable, with the minimum standard in most states and territories sitting at a 6-star rating, we can guarantee our Beaconsfield homes will sit well above standard with a 7.5 NatHERS energy efficient rating.

The City of Fremantle have praised the development for its sustainable aspect and for delivering on the objectives of the Fremantle alternative zoning.



Get to know your eco-friendly neighbours

Community living is key for these Beaconsfield homes, get to know your neighbours and bond over the stunning communal gardens and take advantage of the shared vegetable garden. Community gardens are a place where people come together to grow food, foster good health and bond together over nutritious food.  The plants in the community garden add oxygen to the air and help reduce air pollution.

Why Choose Beaconsfield?

Beaconsfield provides an extensive range of community facilities including Fremantle College, several primary schools and an array of open space recreation reserves and local shops. These 3 double storey homes are located directly opposite Hilton reserve, surrounded by stunning parklands and just 10 minutes from the thriving Fremantle City Centre. With everything you need at arm’s reach, Nicheliving Beaconsfield is ideal for every buyer from downsizers, young families, first home buyers and those looking to invest in the future of building.

With the current median house price in Beaconsfield sitting at $695, 000, these all-inclusive homes start from $499K providing affordable, sustainable living in an ideal location. As the demand for sustainable homes continues to grow, secure your own today! Give us a call on 9483 0000 or visit our website for more information and to find out more.