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Nicheliving Pods

As Perth’s largest affordable new home and land developer, Nicheliving is always looking for innovative ways to efficiently produce high quality homes. Owing to a relatively new service in the Nicheliving Home Transformations division, you can turn your single storey property into a double storey home within a matter of months. The ‘pod living’ constructional style is on-trend right now, and with a plethora of advantages compared to traditional renovation constructions, you can see why.

History of Nicheliving Pods

The pod development option is an expansion within the Nicheliving Home Transformation range. The concept is simple – whilst we build the ground floor of your new home, the upper level is produced off-site in a sheltered yard. This allows us to construct multiple floors simultaneously, drastically lowering construction time.

In Summer 2017, we installed the first of many double storey homes in our pod range at our Madeley development. Taking just three hours for the development to be completed, the advantages of such a construction method are evident compared to traditional transformations, which can take years for the more complex projects.

Benefits of Nicheliving Pods

There are multiple advantages of the pod construction method. Realising the success of our Madeley development project, we implemented the pod construction technique across our range – meaning that the majority of our home renovations can be completed within a matter of weeks. We are also able to continue construction year-round, regardless of weather conditions. As well as the aforementioned time saving benefits, which allow you to secure the home of your dreams quicker, pod construction also tends to be significantly cheaper compared to traditional renovations. As the two floors are being constructed simultaneously, this lowers the labour time and potential construction lag, which we are able to pass onto our customers as cost-saving measures. It’s just one of the ways that have enabled us to become one of Perth’s largest affordable property developers.

In addition, the pod construction method allows you to design the home of your dreams, without the hassle of moving. At Nicheliving, we understand that your circumstances will change over time, and that you may need more space. However, the last thing you need is disruptive renovation construction which makes some parts of your home inaccessible. By constructing your extension off-site, your home renovation could be finalised within a matter of hours, offering peace of mind and convenience for you and your family.

Finally, the pod construction method tends to be more durable than traditional renovations. The upper level is made up of a lightweight timber frame with insulated walls that have a better thermal mass than standard double brick materials. It’s also more durable, with lower chances for chips, cracking and other maintenance issues. This offers you peace of mind that your renovation will be suitable for years to come.

If you are planning a home renovation project, and would like to see how the pod construction method could benefit you, then get in touch with Nicheliving today.