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Our Top 8 Australia Day Dessert Inspired Cocktails

Australia Day, it’s more than just a day off from work to sunbathe at the beach and drink beer with your mates by the pool! It’s a day to reflect on what it means to be Australian and to celebrate contemporary Australia and to acknowledge our history. To help celebrate this momentous day, we have pulled together our top 8 favourite home-made Australian dessert-inspired cocktails to get you in the spirit for Australia Day 2021, so get out that cocktail shaker and martini glasses and get shaking.

Espresso Tim-Tam-Martini

Name a more iconic Aussie choccy biscuit, we bet you can’t! If you haven’t devoured an entire packet of Tim Tams alone then good on you (but at least admit you got close)! Aussies are known to have a slight coffee obsession so imagine an Aussie classic choccy biscuit mixed with coffee, it’s the perfect duo! Kick-off your Australia Day by shaking up an Espresso Tim-Tam Martini, all you need is four simple ingredients and a martini glass to get the party started!

Check out the full recipe here:


Golden Gaytime Cocktail

If you’re reading this, chances are you have inhaled a delicious golden gay time on a hot summer’s day, and if you haven’t, we highly recommend popping by the servo on your way home. This Aussie icon, Golden Gaytime’s can be described as sweet flavours of toffee and vanilla ice-cream, dipped in scrumptious choc coating and covered in delicious biscuit pieces. Our mouths are salivating as we write this but imagine this deliciousness blended into a cocktail? It’s the perfect Aussie Day treat, check out the recipe here and thank us later.

 Fairy Bread Martini

Wind back the clock to the days when you were a child, chomping on buttery triangled shaped bread covered in multi-coloured sugary deliciousness… yes you guessed it we have found the BEST Fairy Bread Martini Recipe so it’s time to revisit your childhood. Parent warning, this is not a child-friendly recipe but if your kids spot you downing one of these delicious martini’s then swap out the Baileys Liqueur and Vodka for full-cream chocolate milk and we can guarantee they will go down a treat.

Check out the recipe here:

 Liquid Lamington Cocktail

We have never met an Aussie that doesn’t love a good lamington, these spongey, tasty squares of goodness are an iconic Australian dessert and a must-have on Australia Day. Ditch the sponge this year and try this epic liquid lamington cocktail. With just four simple ingredients, easily sourced at your local bottle shop, recreate this traditional Aussie favourite and enjoy it from a cocktail glass.

Check out the recipe here:

 Cherry Ripe Martini

This creamy cocktail spiked with cherry brandy and vodka tastes like a Cherry Ripe in liquid form and we can assure you it’s impossible to resist. We understand Cherry Ripe may not be every Aussie’s first choice but spare the judgement and give this awesome recipe ago and celebrate of Australia’s original chocolate bars in style. Important tip, make sure to dip the rim of your martini glass in coconut to make it look like it’s just stepped out of a Perth cocktail bar. 


Pavlova Martini

This traditional, meringue-based dessert originated from Australia in the 1920s and was named after a ballerina called Anna Pavlova. The great Australian Aussie BBQ staple, Pavlova is a crowd favourite at any event and to honour this traditional sweet we have sourced the most delicious pavlova martini recipe to make this Australia Day. Top with half a passionfruit and we can assure you that you will be coming back for seconds…or thirds!

Check out the recipe here:–2

Milo Martini

Ahh remember the days when your milk to milo ratio would be 80:20 (no we aren’t talking about yesterday!). It’s an Australian pastime to indulge in multiple tablespoons of yummy milo, one in the glass of milk and two in the mouth…admit it, we aren’t the only ones! This Milo Martini recipe is scarily simple and delicious, just don’t miss the step of the nutmeg garnish to give it that extra bit of spice. So it’s time to find that milo tin and make your milo martini this Aussie day –



Rainbow Paddle Pop Martini

We almost fell off our chairs when we found this gem of a recipe, the iconic rainbow paddle pop has had an adult makeover and we are here for it. The heavenly candy-floss and caramel flavour has been whipped up with a generous shot or two of alcohol and served as an adult slushie in a martini glass. Check out the recipe here and top of your Australia Day with one of Australia’s classic iced, sugar-filled desserts.