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Rapid Development Of Medium Density Fits Nicheliving

Nicheliving has been appointed to the Department of Communities’ Medium Density Development Panel to deliver innovative medium density housing in key sites across Perth.

The Nicheliving project team comprises Cameron Chisholm Nicol Architects and Emerge & Associates. The group was one of 15 selected from a record 37 submissions for the panel, fast tracked by the Department to support the delivery of the METRONET Social and Affordable Housing and Jobs Package through the development of new social and affordable housing around train station precincts.

The key to the Nicheliving project team’s successful appointment was Nicheliving’s proven ability to partner with government and capitalise on their vertically integrated delivery model.

Nicheliving Managing Director Ronnie Michel-Elhaj said that as Perth’s largest private medium density developer, Nicheliving has the track record, knowledge and experience to work seamlessly with government agencies and deliver upon project goals.

“With a focus on creating inclusive, diverse, sustainable and affordable communities, we are perfectly aligned with the State Government’s strategy to develop housing close to  transport hubs and continue to improve the amenity and convenience of our changing urban landscape,” he said.

WA owned and operated for over 18 years, Nicheliving has been successful in the development of high quality, affordable infill projects around Perth, developing more than 50 medium density projects, winning the prestigious UDIA WA Awards for Excellence in Affordability in 2010, 2012, 2016 and 2019.

“It has become very popular lately to talk about the ‘missing middle’,” Mr Michel-Elhaj said.

“However, Nicheliving has been focused on delivering medium-density housing in key mid-range urban areas for many years.

“There is a great need to provide an option for practical, functional and sustainable homes that instead of pushing people out to the fringe, allow them to remain within the social network of their existing community.”

The Department of Communities initiated the Medium Density Development Panel to facilitate faster project initiation and increased design quality. A selection of medium-density sites are identified near train stations and lifestyle amenities.

Nicheliving’s expertise in innovative design and construction techniques makes it well placed for the rapid delivery of high-quality homes, designed to encourage diversity and the development of strong, supportive communities.

Nicheliving’s use of innovative and sustainable construction methods designed for future living delivers upon the Department’s criteria for sustainability. In addition, Connected Communities is a unique proposition that enables residents to access a range of lifestyle amenities through the projects.

“We have been working across all aspects of our business to deliver more sustainable homes over the long-term – utilising better designs for passive heating and cooling, materials with greater insulation and less imbedded energy in production, through to the implementation of energy saving technology and supply of clean energy sources,” Mr Michel-Elhaj said.

“The opportunity to partner with the State Government on the rapid development of previously unreleased infill land to create connected and supported communities is an exciting prospect for Nicheliving.”

For more information about Nicheliving call 9483 0000.