Recycle, Repurpose & Recreate- How to transform home goods

Recycle, Repurpose & Recreate: How to transform home goods

It was not long ago that we wrote our spring blog on how to revamp your home. It was here we reference the “Covid Clean” where the 2020 pandemic saw many households taking advantage of the time at home by organising cupboards, throwing out junk and dusting corners that haven’t been dusted in years. Well here we are again Western Australia, so we are here to help speed up the time in lockdown by providing recycling options for your pre-loved goods.

Create a new life for your old clothes

Before you go throwing out a load of old t-shirts, shorts, dresses, or pants, first think about all the ways you can re-use them. Don’t just dump them in a bin bag and let them sit in the boot of your car for months on end because let’s be honest, it’s easier to leave them there than drop them at an empty good Sammy’s bin right? There are many fun and brilliant ways to give your old, preloved clothes a second life and now we are in a second lockdown it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative. Make your own quilt, pet toy or rug and feel good knowing your old clothes aren’t going to waste. For heavier clothing, you can transform them into something to improve the décor around the house such as cushion covers or a tablecloth or get super funky by creating some tie-dye options.

Repurpose used jars

You’re done with dinner for the night and you toss your empty pasta jar into the recycling….stop and think again because that jar could certainly come in handy around the home and you don’t even know it yet. There are so many cool and funky ways to repurpose used jars whether it’s a coffee jar, minced garlic jar, pasta sauce or any kind of mason jar, don’t let them go to waste and start holding onto them for future use. Keep them in the kitchen and use them as containers to marinate meat, create a homemade measuring jar or simply use them to store pantry staples such as rice and pasta. If you’re a bit of a green thumb, then empty jars are perfect vases for dried and live flowers and ideal for stem cuttings and flourishing your indoor plants.

If your feeling extra creative and have all the bits and bobs at home then used jars can be transformed into beautiful candles, soap dispensers and herb gardens. Check out this blog to give you some more ideas. Another fantastic idea to repurpose your jars is to use them for fermenting vegetables and creating home-made kombucha, if that’s your kind of thing!

Give some love to your old books

How many times can one re-shuffle your bookshelf into colour coordination or alphabetical order? If you’re like us and your book collection is forever growing and you’re ready to get rid of old books, then there’s plenty of creative ways to turn them into something new. Why not turn them into a DIY knife block and store your knives in a practical and stylish way. If you’ve got a bigger group of books you can create a DIY backboard for your bed that’s a nice decoration for the book lovers. We have even seen some creative ways where people have turned them into a bedside table to make a nice little addition to your room.

You can even create crafty little planters, all you need to do is glue a bunch of books together, drill a circular hole in the middle and fill it with your favourite indoor plant and some soil and we can guarantee it will be a conversation starter at your next party.

Reuse your old CD’s & DVD’s

With a life of Netflix and Spotify, the needs for your old CD’s and DVD’s has diminished, so instead of throwing them out, there are a hundred and one things they can be used for. The most popular is decorating, the reflective surface provides a stylish texture that can be used to decorate the edges of a mirror, a plant pot or create a mosaic tabletop. If you want to get more creative, why not tackle a CD lamp or birdbath and really make a standout piece. For a simple use, you can use them as cup coasters without having to do anything to them.

We absolutely love this blog by bored panda, check them out here for some creative and inspiring ways you can reuse, recycle and repurpose your old CD’s and DVD’s. This is even a good one for the kids, if they are getting bored of the usual arts and craft supplies then get creative with old CD’s.


Transform your old appliances

Let’s face it, appliances don’t last forever and there always comes a time when they need a swap out for something new. Almost all old appliances that you would otherwise throw away can be re-used and turned into something new and improved. Large appliances such as fridges no different, there are many ways to reuse and recycle your old refrigerator. Turn them into anything from coffee tables to storage containers to shelving and even a bookcase. The new additions can really make a difference to your home décor and your overall interior style.

We found this weird and quirky blog that we absolutely love that guides you on 10 weirdly awesome new uses for old appliances, check it out here.


Transform your used wine bottles

Recycling unwanted wine bottles is a must however in the spirit of upcycling and DYI projects while we are at home, why not consider turning your empty bottles into a nifty gadget, decorative feature or even a piece of furniture? You would be amazed at the number of ways in which a wine bottle can be put to good use, long after you have enjoyed its contents. We absolutely love the idea of turning them into a decorative vase, whether it’s for dried florals or those long root indoor plants, they make a great décor item. Pick up a pot of chalkboard paint and turn your empty bottles into a quirky notepad, which also gives us a great gift! You could start by writing yourself a reminder to “buy more wine” – you can source chalkboard paint from your local Bunnings.

Another one for the green thumbs, transform your old wine bottles into a slow dip irrigator to keep your indoor plants alive and kicking. All you must do is drill a hole through a cork and stopped a bottle filled with water. Position the bottleneck first into your plant pot to give your plants a steady stream of moisture.

If you’re looking to transform your home, create more space or simply update a room we can help you every step of the way. With just under two decades of industry experience, Nicheliving are the experts in home renovations.