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Rent To Own With Nicheliving

Are you tired of your rent money going to waste? Annoyed at paying rent for a house you’ll never own? Why not start putting that money towards a house you will own. If you’re among the many hard-working Aussies who can’t catch a break with the banks, then we have the solution for you.
Introducing Rent-To-Own with Nicheliving; the perfect way to secure your first home at an affordable price. That’s right, we invest the money you’re currently paying in rent towards a deposit on your first home. Our plan ensures there are no more stressful calls to the banks, no more pressure from your landlord and no more wasted money. With Nicheliving, you could be moving into your first home much sooner than you think!

Why you should Rent-To-Own with Nicheliving

  • We make buying your own home not only possible but more importantly, affordable.
  • We’ll help you out of the rent rut.
  • There are no hidden costs – Once a price is agreed on, there are no added extras or hidden fees. Get into your own home faster at the set price.
  • We lock in the purchase price while you save for a deposit – As soon as a price has been decided, we’ll start saving your rent money for a deposit on this price.
  • We help you establish a clear savings plan – Our personalised plans make it easier and faster for you to save for a deposit.
  • Deal directly with us and save – We deal direct to save you both time and money. There’s no need to deal with multiple parties, we take care of everything for you.

We are the first home experts! Chat to one of our property advisors to find out more about Nicheliving Rent-To-Own – The easy and affordable way to get you into your own home faster.

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